Application Guide
application guide

To play on Unmasqued, you must complete an app that's embedded on your profile; you can find it by accessing to THIS PAGE from your IC account.   However, what are you supposed to write there? What's the best way to get your desired character approved straight away? Here's a short guide to our requirements, concerning both what you can play and what you're supposed to tell us in your app.

Essential Information

Species & Bloodline - First of all, you must decide whether to play a vampire or a mortal. Vampires are, of course, the main focus of the game. Since now humans know about their existence, however, playing a mortal would have its own potential in term of plots. So, both options are equally viable! Then, if you want to play a vampire, you must pick a bloodline. Of course, you can be a Caitiff and belong to none. You can take a look HERE to brush up our list of playable bloodlines.

Year of Birth & Year of Embrace - Let us know how old your character is, both in human and (if applicable) vampiric terms. Keep in mind, no vampire might have been Embraced any earlier 1998. Even the most experienced vamps you'll meet today have seen just a glance of pre-Gehenna society.

First Impression - How does your character look at a first glance? If you're using a descriptive avatar, you don't need to repeat what's already shown by your pic. However there's still a lot to tell about one's attitude and mannerism, and about relevant details that are not apparent in your image. If your avatar does not portray your character, of course, your self-description should be more detailed.

Concept - Tell us who your character is, where they come from, what they do in their (un)lives, what they care about. There's no need to write an extensive bio (there will be chances to tell the story of your life later, if you feel like, and a long bio might take longer to review); by now, we just need to know what defines them.

Disciplines - If you are playing a vampire, don't forget to add your DISCIPLINES. You can start with up to four individual powers, chosen within your Bloodline Disciplines. However, feel free to go for a lower number if you think your PC would be especialy inexperienced. Additionally, if you're playing a Caitiff, you can choose any of these Disciplines: Animalism, Auspex, Celerity, Dominate, Fortitude, Obfuscate, Potence, Presence; however, you cannot start with more than two powers.

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