Atlanta, the Big Peach. The A. The Resurgent. The City in a Forest. The Black Mecca. The New York of the South. The Hollywood of the South. The Whatever-You-Name-It of the South. Home to almost 500.000 humans, and a yet unspecified number of undead.

Once a somehow powerful Camarilla Domain, during Gehenna it suffered the same fate as any other place: ancient powers annihilated, supernatural phenomena raging wild, vampires fighting each other into oblivion. Mortals stood astonished, as their most established beliefs fell apart - and then found a way to move on.

Since then, Atlanta has become a central point for vampire activity: if not the largest in the US, surely the largest under the Mason-Dixon line. There's no lack of vampire-friendly establishments. Or, well, at least places that are open at night. Where you might even buy a bottle of blood without too many eyebrows being rose. If you have ever tried that feat in rural Georgia, you can appreciate such a grand opportunity.

There's nothing like the old Domain. There's no Domain, to start with, no vampire authority of sort. Almost nobody misses the old Princes - nobody's old enough to take the concept of Princedom seriously. Some argue vampires would need their own leaders, some reply they should follow the same laws as all citizens. If only they counted as proper citizens, that is. The occasional loonie will rant about ruling over humankind, however odds are they just saw too many bad movies, and haven't stepped out of their door for a while.

Mortals, for most, if not sympathetic are at least apathetic. Apathy gets a bad rep, but it's better than a few alternatives. It's not like anti-vampire sentiments hadn't made their way into Atlanta, though: the local Church of Life, a Christian sect notorious for its vehement preaching against vampirism, isn't exactly a big thing, but it's there, and worth keeping an eye on.

Some say the city is, once more, too busy for hate. Others, however, might find some spare time.

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