Jen's plotter


Jen's a relatively new kid in the city, arriving back from her 'first winter alone' two years ago, but she's quick to make new acquaintances. It is known she works at The Pit, and she's good at calming down the performer's before they frenzy. She's approachable and willing to help.


Her sire, Zeke - not much of a connection since he's jailed. Her family, mostly - she's still working at reconciling with them. She should have a few mortal friends she could still count on. Other than that, she's part of The Pit's crew.

Ongoing Plots

none yet

Looking for

  • good role-play
  • working some backstory with other characters (can be through retrospections)
  • a way to release her sire from prison and keep him safe
  • a way to convince her family that being embraced is not the end of the world
  • she'd like to make (un)life easier for others

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