Since Gehenna annihilated all traditions and authorities anyway, the powerful, organized Clans of yore are a thing of the past. What is left is only a bunch of survivors, passing on their weaknesses and their special powers from Sire to Childer, not because it matters, but because it's in the blood. All vampiric families are now known as bloodlines: groups with no real allegiance, but who share ancestry and common traits. Some still remember the history of their origin, although almost nobody cares.  

As for who's left: a few major Clans were destroyed to their last members, but on the other hand some minor lineages resurged after Gehenna, finding a more propitious habitat in the unmasqued world.

What follows is a comprehensive list of all existing bloodlines, with all you need to know about their background and their current situation.

N.B.: whenever typical attitudes are mentioned, keep in mind they are never absolute. For instance, Ventrue had a tradition of Embracing the ambitious and authoritative, but atypical members might have been chosen for whatever reason. After Gehenna, such traditions are getting more and more diluted, new Embraces depending more on a personal penchant than on fitting a lineage's stereotype.


Brujah history is a long and tormented one: once a proud Clan of warriors and scholars, equally admired for their wisdom and their strength, in recent centuries they had lost most of their past glory, Embracing rabble-rousers, rebels with or without a cause, and being used as foot soldiers by both major Sects.
As for today, they're still fuelled by their old passion, and they are the most vehement in protesting against their societal status. Due to their short temper, however, they're often regarded with some discomfort not only by mortals, but by others vampires as well, since many fear their lack of control could reflect poorly on all vampirekind.
Disciplines: Celerity, Potence, Presence
Weakness: Brujah have a harder time resisting frenzy.


Caitiff aren't technically a bloodline. Instead, they are what happens when a vampire does not inherit the typical traits of their Sire. Once looked down as they belonged nowhere, they are now both more common and not especially despised.
Disciplines: Caitiff can choose any three of these Disciplines: Animalism, Auspex, Celerity, Dominate, Fortitude, Obfuscate, Potence, Presence, however, since they aren't especially skilled in any, they cannot start with more than two powers.
Weakness: Not being properly a bloodline, they don't suffer from any inherited weakness; before Gehenna, their lowly status was their real curse.


A small, elusive group of vampires who devote their existence to music.
Traditionally known for Embracing only women, selected for nothing else than their beautiful voices, nowadays they are more likely to make exceptions. Some argue their member should at least identify as not entirely masculine, some others would take issue at that.
Disciplines: Fortitude, Melpominee, Presence.
Weakness: The Daughters od Cacophony are perpetually distracted by an inner music they hear constantly.


A lineage of survivors par excellance, a fair number of them saw Gehenna and got through to tell the story.
Due to their wild inclinations and disregard for material comfort, they're often intolerant to the compromises that coexistence requires, and are likely to live in the wilderness or to the fringes of society.
Exceptions exist, however, and are quite sick of being stereotyped as aggressive vagrants.
Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean.
Weakness: Whenever they frenzy, the Gangrel get an animal feature, such as tufted ears, a patch of fur or feathers, a tail, etc.


The Gargoyle can be immediately recognized for their inhuman, stone-like appearance, that closely reminds the statues after which they are named.
Originally created by Clan Tremere to serve them as slaves, they had later gained some amount of freedom, although they were still despised for their lowly origin, and regarded as a threat to the Masquerade due to their obviously inhuman appearance.
Nowadays, since Clan Tremere's been wiped out by Gehenna, and the Masquerade is no concern anymore, the Gargoyle may enjoy more freedom, however, due to their grotesque appearance, they are all too often regarded as freaks and ultimately as unpeople (although most won't openly admit that).
Disciplines: Flight, Fortitude, Potence, Visceratika.
Weakness: Due to their origin, Gargoyle are more susceptible to mind control, especially by Dominate users. Additionally, they are inhuman-looking and, unlike the Nosferatu, don't have any inherent power to disguise themselves.
N.B.: unlike in V:tM canon, Embraced Gargoyles are not amnesiac.


A once obscure bloodline of scholarly tradition, whose alien appearance all but forced its members to reclusive unlives, after the Masquerade fell apart they had at least more chances to get out of their door.
Since either them or their Sires had typically hoarded vast amounts of knowledge, they are the last keepers of what little is left of vampiric history.
Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Mytherceria
Weakness: Besides their freakish appearance (that's not inherently repulsive, but very obviously non-human), they are vulnerable to cold iron, which simple touch can wound them as fire would.


The most obviously cursed vampire family, the Nosferatu had become adept at hiding themselves, and anyway disguising their repulsive appearance. Before Gehenna, most of them dwelled in the sewers, working as spies and information brokers for other vampires, but being otherwise unwelcome. Even though now the Masquerade is not a concern, and other inhuman-looking vampires may show themselves around, their utter hideousness is still a cause of stigma, and most would still adopt a more acceptable appearance through their usual supernatural means. Some other, however, would make a point to display their horrid faces to the world, either to challenge prejudices or just out of spite.
Disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence.
Weakness: Their appearance isn't only inhuman, but horrifically deformed and repulsive.


A lineage of travellers and illusionists with their distant roots in India, the Ravnos suffered a twofold blow: first of all, their Antediluvian was the first to rise, and quite rabid against his progeny; then the few survivors were often hunted and executed by mortal authorities when their compulsions led them to illegal actions - as they quite often did. A few are still around, however; either those with more acceptable vices, or those more skilled at hiding them.
Disciplines: Animalism, Chimestry, Fortitude.
Weakness: Every Ravnos has a penchant for a specific vice - such as lying, cruelty, theft, or indulging in a severe addiction.


The Salubri's fortunes have been as uneven as you can get: an admired lineage of healers and mystics in the Dark Ages, they were later slandered by the Tremere and hunted down almost to extinction. After Gehenna, they seemed to resurge from oblivion, their feeding requirements being now a non-issue and their skills being admittedly useful.
Disciplines: Auspex, Presence, Obeah.
Weakness: The Salubri cannot feed from an unwilling vessel.


Artists, hedonists and charmers, the Toreador have always been the beautiful élite of the night. Traditionally the most adept supporters of the Masquerade, the surviving Toreador however rarely miss their past existence. Their social graces, in fact, make them more accepted than most by polite society (the 'vampire friend' all hip people seem to have is more often than not a Toreador), and not having to hide means no restraint in flaunting their beautiful art - or their beautiful personas. Together with the Brujah, they're the most passionate advocates of vampire rights, and while their spirit is sometimes less idealistic, their means often prove more effective.
Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Presence.
Weakness: When a Toreador sees something remarkably beautiful, they may fall into a state of helpless stupor until something or someone comes to distract them.


Traditionally a Clan of leaders, often uptight and business-like, the Venture who survived Gehenna are approaching their new world with their typical pragmatism, taking the chance to openly rule their businesses if nothing else. Not all of them have adapted as easily, however; the deciding factor being how easily and legitimately they could get their preferred blood.
Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence.
Weakness: Every Ventrue can only feed from a very specific type of blood (such as the blood of young redheads, unrepented criminals, tennis players, aristocrats... anything as long as it's sufficiently specific). They can't get any sustenance from animal blood.

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