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Title: Atlanta is Pretty Sweet
Sequence: Video #71

Hey folks. Rosedust here. As you can see out the window behind me the bright lights of The Big Peach. Yeah just got into Atlanta two days ago. As I said in my last video I was looking for a change of pace. I thought getting away from the harsh winters and exploring a new culture would be the best thing to do.

So here we are. I got this cool Atlanta United FC hoodie. Not so much because I like soccer, or, anything like that. I just liked the colors and the stylized A. Wearing the local attire can really help you settle in. That's a pro tip for you all out there. Just let yourself meld into society.

Which can be contradictive to all the things I say, but life is complex, man. Sometimes you do have to conform to an idea because it really just makes more sense then the liberal head canon you let yourself get swallowed by.

Hahaha. And no, haha. I am not going right-wing on you folks. I mean, I did adopt a city, for the meantime anyway, that is historically conservative. Last time Georgia went blue was for Carter, who might have been a cool helpful peace loving guy but he didn't have any tact or poise to really fix issues. A more modern Carter would probably do this country best. As long as they gave all citizens equal rights. Including us vampires.

But uh, yeah, let's not get too far off topic. Atlanta. I told you all at one point my sire was from Atlanta. She talked about it all the time and the love she had for it was the kind of love I have for my own home. That also helped me to come down here and look about. I heard the vampire scene is okay enough. I can try to connect with some of them and work on new projects. In the meantime, I think I can land a job on the graveyard shift. I checked ahead of time and there are a few businesses that are open to the idea of vampires working as security. Mostly because if people know there is a 'dead-head' watching the property they won't risk getting bit. Haha, not that I'd do that. I'm a good boy, rather I like it or not. Only state-mandated meals for me. I don't want to be put under any crazy limelight that would get me in trouble.

Oh and uh, this definitely will sound wrong, so I want to preface it by mentioning it's not supposed to be rude or derogatory. But man, there is a lot of beautiful black woman here in Atlanta. Back home there were not too many that went to the same hot spots I did even though Pittsburgh has a high black population. But Atlanta takes the cake. The diversity of who I see at night is really appealing to me. I already lost a few hours of my free time just from getting lost in the local ladies. Atlanta has sure paid off in that regard. You'd think when you go somewhere else in America you'd just see more people. But instead, you really see a different kind of people. A different culture, different dialect, different ways of expression, local trends. It all changes the human condition for me... if I was still human, I guess. But you should know what I mean folks. This is what I imagine traveling to a different country is like. Makes me want to go check out Houston and Denver and Seattle in the future and see how different those people are from home.

As for the locals. Google is pretty top notch about this stuff. I already found some local bloggers that were fun to read. I'll put their links in the video description if you want to see how they defer from the ones back home. One is named Mud, the other is called Sanguicity. There are really a lot to name, but those two stand out so far for me while I flip resumes. Haha. There are about fourteen blogs I've found so far. Yeah, check them out below. Tell them Rosedust sent ya! Haha.

Anyways folks, I think I'm good for now. I just wanted to give you an update. I hope one of these security companies gives me a call back soon or I won't survive long in this motel, haha. Anyways. Take care folks. Rest easy and enjoy your life.

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