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For the most part, Rokhaya has tried to keep a low profile in the vampiric and mortal communities alike. When she does get noticed it is for being a quiet but effective fixer. She's had a couple of protection stunts by those few who have understood the physical advantages of her blood. She can be good eyes and ears especially on the street, yet her unusual appearance may startle those who are faint of heart. The Gargoyle is not a known fighter or killer. As to where her moral compass points - that is anybody's guess. If there is a job - she will get it done. How and why is her prerogative to know.


Rokhaya has connections on the streets of Atlanta - she's, if not personally acquainted, then knows of most of the homeless and street workers, including their dwellings and regular haunts. The people of the streets and Ro's people and woe to those that attempt to harm them.

Ongoing Plots

None yet!

Looking for

Everything - interactions with both vampires and mortals, being swept up in vampire politics, making more acquaintances among the kindred and understanding where this world of darkness is going! Happy with both positive/friendly and more aggressive plots - rivalry, dislike, the whole lot.

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What is Rokhaya's attitude towards shady businesses? Her backstory says she didn't like laundering money, but here in the plotter it is stated her moral compass is not that obvious. Would it be possible she worked for Helen at some point? Or she would do that now? Or maybe the other side of the coin - she has met the Rippers gang and she didn't like them one bit?

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