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Tonight was not good. Someone in a Starbucks - looked like three parts corporate tool mixed with two parts alt-right douchnozzle - recognized me from one of my old YouTube uploads - You know, the ones from before they banned my channel because I had the audacity to dare to HAVE FUCKING DINNER on stream - and started giving me shit. Goes off on how I have no reason to be there. I can't even drink coffee and shit, according to this guy. NEWSFLASH MOTHERFUCKER: I can drink coffee, it just sucks coming back up. But I don't buy it to drink it in the first place. I buy it because I like the smell. I have fucking senses and memories just like humans do, you know?

It was fucking microaggressions everywhere I went. You would not believe the looks you get counting out change when people know you're a vampire. It's like it somehow offends their sensibilities that I'm not fucking rich. Somehow this violates their shit-head patriarchal consensus. Oh, it's a vampire and it looks female and attractive, surely SHE - Not my pronoun of choice, asshat - must be rich, evil, manipulative and a freak in the sack.

It is all I can do to keep from just punching people in the face. Of course, if I do that, they'd send a fucking SWAT van or something, because apparently only humans can get away with that sort of shit.

That shit sounds ridiculous just typing it. But as my readers can tell you in the comments, we do not backspace our bad ideas here. We own our bad ideas. No fucking secrets. Well... maybe specifically fucking secrets, because everyone needs to have some surprises.

But yeah, I get that it sounds fucking stupid. Of course I realize there are humans that have it way worse than I ever will. Hell, there are humans within a few hundred feet that are worse off. You'd think that the revelation that unnatural night horrors were real might have knocked the stupid out of society, but no. No, most of them just want to punch down because it's easier. Makes them feel big and powerful.

It was a bad night, filled with miserable people who only care about how they can get ahead. Fucking racists, speciests, sexists, fascists and just about any other -ist you can think of. It's like every human evil is somehow less bad because they can point to us and pretend that we're inherently worse.


It's cool. Come at me. I'm used to it. I used to get shit for just being me way before I was literally superhuman and immortal. Believe me when I say I only care in as much as I can shame you and publicly reveal you for the pusillanimous - I bet that's not the only think about you that's pusillus - husks of people you are. You're all a fucking waste of life and that's coming from someone who literally drinks blood to live!


I know I shouldn't let them get to me, but some nights just suck. I'd gladly take all their attention if it meant that they'd treat other humans properly, but they won't.

Anyways, night swim at six flags was lovely. I'd post food pics, but she asked me not to. Trip pics are up at the usual place for those who know where to look.

I know this post was a disjointed rant, but I gotta let it out somewhere. I promise that I'll have something more cause related next time, or at least less "I was a teenage vampire".

Stay angry, punch Nazis,
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What. The. Fuck.

How do people sit still in this world and just eat up all the shit being heaped onto their plates by their masters? The masters they serve because it's easy? How do they swallow all those lies? It's not good for you! You're getting fat and soft in the head! Read some modern works of philosophy! Learn to think critically! Stop being blind, fattened little sheep waiting for the wolves to eat you up!

At least when I take a bite you'll like it.

The 24 hour news cycle is poisoning even the soundest minds against thinking for themselves. I don't believe the media is out to distort everything. At this point, they don't have to. The lying sides are depressing and enraging, and the honest sides are depressing and enraging. That Vegas hotel is suing the survivors of the mass shooting that it enabled, People are putting grenades in rental cars, Vampires are still being denied access to the already existing sunlight accommodations of people with Schere's disease, and my landlord is being a dick about me spray painting the windows.

Okay, so that last one didn't make the news. You have no idea how close it got though. As you, my gentle readers certainly know, I am the absolute soul of restraint and compromise. Oh, and chastity.

I think I threw up a little in my mouth just writing that. Yeah, so pencil dick comes up an says other units are complaining about the fumes. The fucking fumes. It's a few hours of unfortunate smell, and yeah, I get that it sucks. The thing is, it's my exceptionally formed ass that turns into a bacon-ash combo platter if that fucking curtain falls during the day. Lucky for me I'm good enough with people that I managed to defuse him before his entitled smug anger set me off.

Ugh. Where was I? Oh, yeah. It's a bad couple days in the news, a worse couple nights in reality, and I'm hungry. For all sorts of things. Dinner, Justice, Revolution, that upcoming She-Ra remake. I might be able to do something about the first one tonight. Any of my long(er) time readers feeling adventurous? We could meet up at one of the old haunts, and I'll even bring you juice and cookies.

Okay, enough with the teasing and meandering thoughts. Back on topic. Our world is a bit of a shit hole at the moment, and this country is no exception. It's infuriating, and we shouldn't just let it pass us by. When a politician lies to a room full of people so openly, when a rich man dangles his wealth in front of the poor, when those in power scoff at the little man, it's the duty of everyone else to rise up and meet the oppressors straight in the jaw with a fist.

Or a bullet.

Don't let these fuck-o's get away with "what I meant to say" or "You need to understand". Don't let them raise your drug prices and censor your access to data. Isolation and deprivation are the first steps of the abuser. If you need a push, or allies, or cameras, or just people to learn more about the cause of freedom and equality for all, just hit me up, we'll chat, and I'll see if anyone I know can fit your needs.

No matter what they do, they can't kill our message. Remember that there are thousands of us for every one of them, and regardless of what they tell us, we don't really need them. We don't even really need their society. If pushed to violence, we could burn it all down and we would survive. The rich could die with their money, and the poor would still have numbers, tools, land and skills. We're like the moon. No matter how hot and oppressive the day, we can put on the face we want, and we WILL rise again. There is nothing they can do to stop us in the long run. Stay committed.

On a lighter note, we got mentioned on YouTube by someone named Rosedust! That's cool, right? I should probably tell him that they dropped me a while back and he could get seriously demonitized if the algorithm decides it's gonna play Skynet on us. Thanks for reading, though! It's nice to be seen.

Thanks to all of you, though, whether you donate or not. The real value of this thing is all you readers, of course. I'm just one vampire. I can only make so much of a difference. So fight back however you can, but don't forget that safety and self-care are things. Not everyone is literally untiring. Leave that shit to the undead, yo.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some dinner related messages to reply to.

Stay Angry, Record Cops,

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