Making the rounds, checking the neighborhood. [OPEN]
David liked 'his' neighborhood. Sure, it wasn't as famous as it's "big" brother downtown, but at least it wasn't as snobby as its northerwestern neighbor, either. David still didn't like the district he grew up in. Though it had been 'home' for the better part of his life, it never had felt like it after he had left his parent's estate.

No, he was very much a resident of Lil' Five Points, whether his family liked it or not. Even his change into a creature of the night hadn't changed that about him. Luckily for David, this neighborhood had stuff going on pretty much 24/7 anyway, so he didn't have to look hard to find stuff to do, people to meet. It's what he liked about it so much. His affliction, as he liked to call it, made that he had to be rather open about it, at least if he wanted to stay fed. He had worked on getting a group of people that he could safely ask, without them freaking out or trying to get him arrested. His "support network". He never took much from any of them, and knowing of the rapturous feelings his, or any vamp's, bite elicited he always made doubly sure he didn't drain anyone too dry. He always kept some emergency supplies in his fridge back home, along with some supplies for whenever living friends came over. It was just part of being a good host. One of the few things he did retain from his upbringing.

But for now, David was just taking a leisurely stroll through the area. He'd taken to walking, as cruising on his bike wouldn't let him get to all the quaint hidden spots that most tourists would never see, due to travel guides that stated one should stay safely to the main areas. Ironically, THAT was where pickpockets were most active. But that was no skin off of his back, for the most part. They wouldn't listen to him if he told them. He'd tried before....

So, in the narrow alleyways of the district, away from the hustle and bustle, David headed for a nice gem of a bar. It wasn't big, it wasn't famous. It wasn't even in any guide that he knew of. But it had always been there, not even a five minutes walk off of Caroline Street. He had always went there. At least, whenever he felt like hanging out. And after yesterday's frantic day, he felt like exactly that. It had been a mess in the ER last night. Apparently, some gangs had used the nice, warm weather to get all fired up and take on eachother. At least they had had the 'decency' of not doing it in a crowded area, so all casualties were bangers. But still, it was their job to patch the fuckers up again. Well, the doctors did. David and his colleagues just had to make sure everyone got where they needed to go, WHEN they needed to. And with his abilities, David more than once had to assist with triage. He did so without hesitation. He was almost as knowledgable as some junior doctors, even if he'd never have their job. He didn't WANT it, and with his 'affliction' there was no real chance of getting through medschool easily anyway.

But tonight? Tonight he got to kick back and enjoy the night a bit. He entered "The Squeelin' Hog" and blinked a bit to adjust to the slightly hazy bar. He'd almost forgotten: BBQ Night. Part of him was a little jealous of all the humans there. He still knewhow damn tasty it could be. Well, at least he could still appreciate the smells. He walked up to the bar, took a seat in 'his' corner and shook his head at the bartender as he held up an unlabelled, opaque bottle. David had fed that night, no need to clear out Ben's stock tonight. David was just here to forget about things for a little bit.
Viviane was slowly walking down the street in Little Five Points when she saw him. Is this the Vampire I have seen at the hospital the other day? The other day being three or four years away didn’t matter. It wasn’t even a day, it was the only time she went to a hospital at night. Her mother was angry at her for having a fever at night. They both needed to sleep; her mother worked tomorrow and she had to go to school. When she understood that the nurse was a talking corpse, she refused that her girl be seen by that and filed a complaint about having a dead body walking around. They deserved to stay put in the morgue where they belonged. That was a very long night that continued into the day afterward…
He could still be a Vampire. What a strange thought; if a cure for this had been found, would there still be Vampires around? Probably, since only the rich could be cured. Anyway, she needed to make sure, so she ran to him. When he entered a bar, her hopes vanished… It’s the only Vampire I met since my Sire left me, I won’t lose this thread!
Looking around, she saw rows of closed shops. The bars and McDonalds were open, but she hadn’t the age nor the money. So she walked around, trying not to lose sight of the door of the Squeelin’ Hog. After one hour waiting and attracting the ire of many people who didn’t like having an alien freak walking their street like a whore, she encountered policemen. After a brief checkup of her identity, they let her alone, but added that if someone was stolen or had problem reported this night, she would be a prime suspect. They added that she should go home before leaving her.
Her mind raced: what if he brings a takeout to his home? He will hate me if his date flee running for her life. Why don’t I have the power to turn invisible?
She resisted the temptation to use her power to prank those that sent her angry stare and she sat on the sidewalk, her back to the wall in front of the bar, and opened her laptop. Might as well use my time meaningfully. Partially hidden at the entrance of a closed shop, the worst that could happen would be thugs coming to take her laptop. Just the thought of it made her think in red, bloody red. No, I must calm myself and wait. If he leave accompanied, I’ll abandon it for now. But after a year of living alone I really want to meet another damned.
David was pretty much used to people that didn't like him. He knew it wasn't usually him they didn't like, but rather the fact that he no longer needed to breath. So, when after an hour or so of him arriving, some new customers came into the bar, muttering about a 'freak', he didn't initially pay them too much attention. He'd been called worse. Lots worse. But when they started on the details, he started to realize that they weren't talking about him. For one, they spoke of inhumanly pale skin. Now, he wasn't as tan as he used to be, unless he remembered to put so color in his skin, that is. And what's more, it became obvious they were talking about a female. Now, to be fair, David had been mistaken for female a few times, but never face-to-face. It had always been due to him refusing to be labelled anything other than nurse Collins.

So, those two things, well, they made him think it wasn't about him. It did mean, however, that there had to be another. Outside. Which was odd, but then again, it was a warm night. Though he himself had no use for that, there might be ones that did like it. He walked over to the bar, got himself one of the least awful 'brews' Ben had (ignoring the derogatory remarks from the yokels) and then headed out the bar, seeing if he could track this mystery woman down.

To his surprise, he saw a young woman sitting in a shop front across the street that pretty much fit the somewhat exaggerated-sounding description he heard in the bar. It sounded a lot less exaggerated now. What's more, it seemed she was looking at him, too. Well, maybe it wasn't "him", she might be staking out the bar and he happened to be the one coming out... But as he started out in the direction of Caroline Street, her eyes followed him. So, on a hunch, David crossed the (thankfully) quiet street, towards her.

Hey there. What are you doing sitting here? The seats inside are a lot more comfortable, y'know. David joked. He offered her the bottle: Want a drink? It's obvious from your looks that you don't really go for soda and fries anymore....
When she realized he came inside, she sputtered: He, wait, wait! She instantly closed her laptop, put it in her shoulder bag and got up.
When she heard his offer, she made a surprised look. What? They serve blood in a bottle into this bar? It must have a very strange taste. She hesistantly reach out, thinking quickly: Yuck, it must taste foul! And using the same bottle, I'll get his bacterias! Oh, no, he's probably clean; he's a nurse. Nonetheless, I feel like a rebellious teen doing that...

She took a sip before giving him back the bottle.
Euh, thanks. It's strange. I'm more used to drinking people from their wrist. You know? It's tastier than the blood from the neck. Oh, sorry, surely you know that; you know much more than me about the blood and the veins. Just thinking about that made her look shyly at the ground. The ecstasy of the bite is one of the thing she likes the most about Vampirism.

As for going inside, that's what I would have done if I had the right. But, I'm cursed to stay underage forever. In four years I'll have 21, but my body will stay as young, so they may refuse to allow me the right to go. And I have no money.

She smiled. By the way, I'm Viviane! Pleased to meet you! I'm writing a pre-thesis about Vampirism and would like to make an interview with you. She reached out to shake hands. He seemed to know much more than her about everything, she put all her hopes on that. Ok, maybe not all; there's still the reunion where she'll have many opportunities, but now is a good time to learn.
David looked at her odd looks towards the bottle of blood. He couldn't really blame her, the stuff was vile. But it beat getting busted over getting it in other ways. Then again, she might have other restrictions. It's not even strange, dear. It's just plain awful. And that's the best Ben has in there. I guess it's the anti-coagulants. But they're legal. Well, besides getting approvement from your donor, of course. Which was pretty much a moot point to David, seeing as he already had to have that anyway. He looked over the bottle, and took a sip. The grimace on his face said all one needed to know: this stuff would keep you alive, but not happy. Well, I guess it might be in your head, the blood should be the same. Then again, it might differ for you. It's just that the jugular is rather easy to locate, a matter of convenience.

When she mentioned her under-age status, David just smiled. She would most likely never be carded. Their kind rarely was, he noticed. But it was rather endearing that she still wanted to stick to the original rulebook. Well, I doubt they'd card you just for walking in and sitting. I mean, that's not against the law. Just consuming alcohol. And Ben has no blood with additives. Too expensive to get. That also solves the money problem. Though, admittedly, some places charge an entree fee. He had noticed that she had packed away her laptop, and seemed somewhat eager to go somewhere. Or to just talk, he guessed. And you do get to be 21, hun. And probably 121, hopefully even 212. Your day of birth won't change. Just your looks that are locked in. It's up to you what you do, though To him the whole idea of having to live your bodily age was ... extreme. But it was ultimately her own choice, as far as he was concerned.

He took her hand, and smiled. Nice to meet you, Viviane, I'm David. Wow, pre-thesis. She really seemed intent on still finishing what she probably never really got to start. Well, I'm not really sure I'm all that useful in a study on vampirism, but I'd be happy to try to answer your questions. I'm just not all that knowledgeable about it as I want to be. He looked around, searching for a bench or something. Or maybe even a public picnic table he knew were around here, if they hadn't all been taken by tourists. Do you have a place around here? Mine is a few minutes walk from here, but I'm not sure if that's what you had in mind.
I know someday my body will have existed for 21 years and I hope the law will consider it. However, sometimes I think the law will judge me in the way it please it the most. I mean, for now I would be considered a youth criminal if I did something, but when I'll reach 21, I'll still look as young to the bouncers. She didn't have much faith in the laws, considering how the Right-wing had support te restrict Vampire's right.

My appartment is not very far, but it's very small and I have only one chair. I would love to visit your place, but your neighbor may get the wrong ideas. I haven't seen a place to sit near here, but maybe around the corner. She followed in his footsteps and let him guide her to wherever he chose.

Still smiling, she looks at him in an impish sort of way. Thanks for agreeing to this interview. Have no fear, I will not name you. Two things: first, the one who embraced me said I was a Kiasyd. Have you ever heard this name? What kind of Vampire are you? Can you be invisible?

Second, I have some questions about the Blood. I know the taste of a male, female, young or old, from the jugular or from the leg. I also know my taste and I find it yummier than the blood of mortals. But I would like to taste another Vampire for the sake of my studies.
David smiled at Viviane. Truthfully? My neighbors know of my condition, and those that want to think something ill of me entertaining guests, well they can kiss my icy-cold behind, really. He wasn't too concerned, though. Pretty much all of his neighbors were cool people without hang-ups over his state. Except for old missus Feltman. But then, she always wanted to get him warm, bless her heart, as if she didn't realize he'd never be again. But there should be a free bench at the park, if the tourists didn't claim them all, that is. Neutral ground and all that.

When she took a little headstart on the 'interview', he smiled and held his arms up in defence of sorts: Whoaw! Easy, there, miss. Let's find a good spot first. Luckily, not far into the park there was a free picnic bench. It even had a clear-ish view of the road. Well, ain't this a lucky day. A free one. He went and claimed it by standing at it before someone else could do so, then helped Viviane like the gentleman he was brought up to be. There you go, miss.

He took a spot at the other end, enabling them to watch each other in a more natural way. To start with your first batch: I have no clue on "what kind" I am. Truth being, I didn't know that there were different types at all. But 'tween your looks and mine, I'd say that there have to be SOME differences. But that also means, I have no name for you to go by, really. All I know is that I need blood to survive, I can't ride into the sunset anymore, or sunrise, either. And I have to get someone's approval before I can feed off of them. Otherwise... David makes a throwing-up gesture. And, no, not that I know of, really. I can amplify my senses, make people like me better, and see how well they are, and even save on anaesthetics by my touch. That's about it, really.

Then, her second question. Well, more of a request, realy. It had him slightly ... baffled. He'd never considered anything like that. Mostly, he figured for himself, due to not having met any other vampires yet. That's a bit of an odd one. I'd guess it would depend on what I had myself, but the scientific method DOES call for a test or some over a broader range.... He was still obviously contemplating what to answer though.
Svali lay on top of a picnic bench, hands beneath his head, dark shirt unbuttoned, because Atlanta’s weather was still so unbelievably hot to him. The table glistened with a thin layer of quickly melting frost, which resembled filigree flowery ornaments. The vampire liked this spot; he had found a forgotten, disused bench surrounded by thick greenery that made the evening air feel a little bit cooler than elsewhere, and lantern lights didn’t penetrate so well through overgrown branches and leaves. He could lay there hidden – like a proper hidden folk representative – and no one would bother him. The pale man observed the night sky and wondered to himself how few stars shined upon American cities. In Iceland, it would be as if someone spilled a vial of glitter across the horizon. In Atlanta, with all of this light pollution, it was merely a dot here and there.

It probably looks better if you visit the country, he thought and decided he must definitely go for such a trip. Then he shut his eyes tight.

Voices; they were drawing near. A male and a female, if he was not mistaken. The vampire groaned. Probably some more boring, painfully normal and up-to-date humans. He hoped they were just passing by; but no! They seemed to settle down on a bench just outside his thicket. Go away! he thought, as if he really could will them away. Or maybe he could?...

Had Svali a vial of glitter, he would spill it all over the sky. Hell, even if he didn’t have one right now, he could still do it. Dazzle the couple a bit, puzzle the skeptical mortals, teach them a good lesson about this world’s marvels. After all, what’s the use of being a fae if you can’t even have a decent starry night sky above your head?

He focused. He felt the blood rushing through his veins – funny and quite pleasant sensation. The male voice sounded leveled, and the female chattered with excitement, but Svali didn’t bother to discern the words. He opened his eyes.

Ah, so much better. They were there: thousands and millions of blinking dots, not firmly attached to the sky, but hanging midair, dancing like tiny fireflies, forming non-existent constellations, and even a variation of Milky Way. Silvery and golden, some with a tint of blue, pink, green or purple. Truly dazzling lights: just a clever trick, an illusion really, but it should be enough to distract the couple.

The self-styled elf moved to a more comfortable position on the bench and smiled. Suddenly he no longer felt the need to leave. He was curious about how the audience would react to his little spectacle.
Seated like this, Viviane felt a little uncomfortable. If people saw them, what would they think? She's too young to date someone like him. Could she be her groupie? She didn't want to look like his little sister or an obsessed teenager, so she straightened. She wanted to look like a mature, intelligent scientist searching for answers...and she knew she failed miserably.
Like you better? That's very different from what my Sire wanted to teach me. He wanted me to control their mind, make them obey me like slave. It's not the same, but it's still mind raping someone who has the right to dislike you. I'm sure Dominate is outlawed if it's not in self-defense, but your...disciplines? Did you Sire give you a name for that?

Viviane opened her laptop to take some notes. Like that, she thought, she looked even more scientist or at least like a professional interviewer. A small voice in her head said: There's no way you can look like a professional something. The professionals don't look like freaking alien monsters and are not teenagers!

With the last discipline, you could nullify the nerves? Feel no pain, no pleasure? You could help many old person with their aching legs or back. It shows clearly that Vampires can be very useful to the whole society.
Seeing the dancing stars appear, Viviane was fascinated, enthralled by them. She reached for her laptop: I need to make a videao about that! It's very beautiful. Is that your doing?
David frowned a little at all the talk about "Sires" and "disciplines". He had no clue what she was going on about. 'Scuse me, miss? He tried, after she paused to open her laptop, but before he could go on, she was on the case again, asking away again. Then when she saw the twinkle-lights, and she fell silent, he saw an opportunity.

Here's the catch, miss Viviane. I have no idea what you were talking about. These things, "Sire", 'disciplines', they mean nothing to me. One day, I was driving my bike home after dark, and had to swerve to not hit an elderly gentleman. Next thing I know, I wake up in an abandoned building's basement, my dented motorcycle near me, with a bottle of blood nearby, and nothing more. He didn't like to think of those early days very much. He had learned stuff the hard way, and he was not proud of some of his misguided actions. As to my touch, it apparently dulls pain, and can get living humans to sleep. Not much more, but it saves on painkillers and sleeping pills. with no real withdrawal or addiction risks.

He gestured at the lights, and shook his head: And, no. That's not something I can do, I think. It is at the very least not something that I did. Never tried it, but I'm pretty sure Dancing Lights is not on my spell list.... He chuckled at his own little joke. It was nerdy, it was not a good one, but he really didn't care at the moment. He thought it was fitting.

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