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(While posted under Kris, the true identity behind Caines Veracity is unknown to everyone (currently))
Medium: YouTube
Uploader: Caines Veracity
Title: Ancestors
Sequence: Video #10

*The video opens with a seven-second introduction, as have all previous videos. A black screen with thunderbolts striking from top to bottom. The flash revealing a dark grey gritty tree line. In the last two seconds of the introduction, a red hooded figure appears in the foreground, beneath the shadowy cowl, the words 'Caines Veracity: Ancestors: appears.

The voice that speaks is distinctly masculine. Distorted in some way to not be natural. He speaks urgently. Faint music and the soft hum of a young woman can be noted if the listener pays close enough attention to the sound behind the figure's words. The rest of the video flickers through imagery shots that align with the current topic sentence to emphasize points. The video is formulaic in the sense it comes across as most 'truth' videos do by channels trying to describe an idea to the uninitiated.*

For this insight into the dark unknown of our societies notorious creatures of sinful allure, we wind back the clock to speak of a history still muddied with the decrepit nails of our ancestors.

Before the incident known to the world as Gehenna came and claimed the majority of vampire kind, there was a thriving shadow network of royalty, rebellion and cultish behavior controlling the heartstrings of earthly life. How deep into the world governments these puppet masters reached is still unknown. When you consider how incredibly improbable it is for centuries-old mythological creatures, to have lasted so long away from the sunlight of common knowledge; its truly astounding. To have such subterfuge while having the most demanding and horrifying curse of drinking blood you'd imagine in today's society they'd be caught instantly. No! They lasted a millennia it feels and only did the foretold end of the vampire world did they come to break. Still, it's no real surprise that the paper trail that accompanied them would find it's way into the fire pit before the whole truth of the matter could be dissected.

Still to this day, two decades later, there is so much feverish debate on how much control these secret organizations had and if some countries are still being forced to kneel to their dark overlords in favor or devilish gifts.  

This foray into the menacing culture of those before us will explore the biggest question mark of them all. Are our creators truly dead?

While it is forced upon several of us to continue to keep our true identities locked away behind encrypted networks. There are those of us, like myself, who will take this advantage of the shattered masquerade to seek further knowledge. We balance a line behind the curtain. Knowing the role we must play in the modern nights while knowing the crowd outwardly seeks to bathe us in their vitriolic hate before we even put on our performances. Never a true chance to shine on the world stage like those before us.

When our ancestors had society on a leash, blowing cool air on the neck of its masters, pushing them into the maze of a higher design; did they ever consider this outcome? Where vampire would become the puppets of society? Locked in a cruel maze with men in black suits pulling the lever to cause us to squirm? To hide? To wallow fruitlessly in a system that proved far to difficult to climb?

So what of the Camarilla? Yes, night crawlers. Many of you know of the kingdom that ruled with its own set of laws and hierarchy. Where would the Camarilla be today if they survived Gehenna? If they passed the week of final destruction and came out as the ruling sect? How would the world be shaped today if the dark masters of the worlds most powerful figureheads were pushed to act on behalf of the death writ proposed to them?

Whose to say that they have all perished?

Apply your tin foil hats, thirsty monitors. Observe now a theory that can produce delicious fruit that will make you think twice about pushing around the wrong vampire.

Our ancestors are not at final peace. They exist around us. While not all, some remain. Rebuilding their networks. Fashioning old alliances and mending frayed knots of opposition. Vampires have all the time provided by this world to play any piece they wish to claim victory. Letting human kind feel superior, knowing that their nightly boogeyman has been revealed and cowed. Give the people of this lost amalgam of minerals unique knowledge and power never before experienced. The richness of a higher understanding. Let them fall flat on their hubris and Gods knowing that the EVIL has been thwarted and while that afront to their deities may still live and walk in the open before them; it is because of their POWER that vampire walk before them. They control the dead. They hold the leashes. Their hot stinking breath is what washes over our necks and makes vampire alike writhe in torment.

Don't let mankind's knowledge of your state dissuade you from achieving your ambitions, night crawlers. There are allies we hold in warmth that empathize with our most prolific moment in history. We should not feel daunted by the horrors we experience in our identities torn from us. Let us not meekly bow our head for cheap blood watered down with piss and salt. Do not allow yourself to be shunned for the gift blessed upon you and for the mortals that envy us and celebrate us, let them be at your side when you finally reach the brass ring of enlightenment.

I am not stating to rise up and rebel or to overthrow government agencies. Such acts only hinder our desires to be equal, free citizens of this chaotic world. I am stating you need to take back the reigns of the life you've been given. Seize them and let your future be what it was destined to be from the creation of your parents and your maker alike.

Our Ancestors hold the meaning and truth of this, our greatest time. Seek out all you can of our lost forefathers, the powerful den mothers, the wretched tome keepers, the wild guardians. Do not allow the truth of our existence allow you to become subservient. Live as equals with human kine and allow your nature to be your power. As it was for our Ancestors before us. Rather humanity realizes it or not, rather vampire society is knowing or not; the Camarilla dwells in their Ivory Tower to pull the strings as they had since the birth of time.

*The screen goes to black. The music and the humming stop. Thirteen seconds later it ends. Rather it was meant to go on longer or not is left to interpretation.

Below is the video description:

Rather you believe in these ideas or stories is completely up to you. Truth seekers will be the truly prosperous ones. Follow Caines Veracity on Twitter for future updates.
You're right! I'm also a seeker of knowledge and a recently embraced Vampire. I've heard the word Camarilla in rumors only, but I would like to learn more. I also heard there was different kind of Vampires. I've heard I was of a kind named Kiasyd, but I couldn't find more information about that.

However, I think the ancestors value their secrecy, so if/when I meet them, they will probably refuse that I reveal too much information about them in a public place like YouTube.
There will be some mortals here that will try to discredit your work, but please continue. I love it! Heart

(Link to my web page)
Indeed this medium is not the best or most secure to spread this information or gather knowledge. There might be a time when youtube will close this account in fear or truth being spoken to what their backers consider the wrong people. Until that time it must be made as available for as long as possible that vampires should not be cowed into subservience and second-class citizenship. Always listen, always watch, always expand. All the night crawlers who follow these words will be given new insight soon on alternative ways to digest this material. Stay a seeker of all truths. - Caines Veracity

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