Research on Vampirism, by Viviane
2018 July 8
I may use this paper as a basis for a thesis I will write one day if I'm allowed to. It's not as scientific as I would like; I'm just an apprentice and I only started to dream of my university when the opportunity was robbed from me. However, as science must be shared to help the knowledge of all society, I post it on this site in the hope that it could help all other research.

To understand Vampirism, I will explore both the physiognomy of the creature and its psychology.
The first Vampire didn't look like the specimens you see often on the television. I couldn't gather as much information about him as I wanted; he disliked my scientific approach to his condition. He was tall, around seven feet tall, his skin was as pale as a sheet of paper and his eyes were pure fountain of void (I'll need to edit this, it's not a scientifically acceptable term).

I can't name him here, because I don't want his existence to be in danger. We discussed many things, but he learned more from me than I from him. I experienced his bite for the first time on September 17 2016. I'm not a medical specialist here, but I think it provokes a drastic increase in dopamine and serotonin. It could explain part of why many people return to be bitten again. However, further study should be made to understand if it can provoke addiction. However, I must state here that if it was the case, the addiction seem to disappear if or when the subject dies (still not sure, however, I still miss it a lot).
From him, I understood the basics of this condition which some call a curse. The Vampires acquire, upon his embrace, a Beast. That’s the name they give to the instincts they have in their brain, but it’s much more powerful than the natural instincts of a living mortal. When a Vampire feels danger, his Beast command him to flee. If he feels threatened or humiliated, he will destroy the source of it. If the Vampire is hungry, the Beast will command him to satisfy his hunger.

Due to my scientific study of him, the Vampire I studied felt threatened or humiliated enough to destroy me. However, he respected me enough to give me some of his blood to turn me into a Vampire like him. He said we named our specific kind of Vampire a Kiasyd, but it may be a word he created as he never told me from who he had learned it and I couldn’t find more information on this name. I grew taller, but as I was very short in my life and hadn’t finished my growth, I may be the smallest of my kind. My eyes became black and my skin lost all its pigmentation. I learned the powers of my kind, but I’ll come to that later. Then he left me with no way to contact him again.
Upon learning of my death, my parents refused to meet me again. They mourned me and even found a way to get a death certificate and celebrate a funeral with the friends I had while alive. I had the help of some government officials I can’t name for their own protection to find a place to live for some time until I adjust to my condition and find a way to get money. My family asked everything I had, saying that a corpse can’t own anything, but the law prevented them from getting my clothes and my laptop. I now need to go to a park to get some WiFi, as the McDonalds refuse that I stay here without buying anything (and some clients dislike my presence).
Psychologically, I denote some scars upon a subject. The realization that he or she will never be a father or a mother may shock him. If the subject never saw the sunrise or sunset at the sea, he or she may also feel some pain. The subject may also become an orphan if his/her parents are …(I’ll need to find a word for that, if someone is reading this, don’t worry, I don’t hate them and will never hurt them). It may also become complicated to study at the university or to get a work the subject is qualified to do. The subject may also feel alienated if he/she was killed before his majority and never got drunk, or high or if he/she is still a virgin due to good parenting.
If this paper become a thesis and reach the ministry of justice, it may be useful to regulate the laws about creating Vampires who didn’t reach majority.

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