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Her family and friends act as if she didn't exist anymore. Maybe some friends are not so stuck up, but she has no phone and no way to reach her (they don't know her email adress). Her parents deleted her Facebook account and she didn't make another one for now. Due to her public research, she may have angered many secretive Vampires.
Some people of her neighborhood in Eastside have seen her wandering to get some WiFi. Some people have even spoken to her, but few have accepted her offer to drain some of their blood in exhchange for an orgasm.


Her Sire left her. She has met David the Salubri and Svali the Kiasyd in Eastside.

Ongoing Plots

Very interrested in the meeting and in the Church of Life.

Looking for

Viviane is looking for anyone who knows more about the history of the Vampires and about their curse. She seeks a way to undo the Beast, undo the curse of the sun, how to become alive again, if possible. She also seek the oldest Vampire she could meet.
She looks Caines Veracity with keen interrest, believing it comes from a Vampire in Europe.

My Threads

Thread's Name
Seeing how much Svali and Viviane have in common, I think they should definitely meet at some point. They both are Kiasyds, they both lodge in Eastside, they both look for the Church of Life, they both want to know more about vampires.
Eastside is a big place, but if we are lucky we could hear about one another or meet by pure chance. If the meeting happens soon, it would also be a good place to meet.
Well, they both clearly stand out in a crowd. And Svali can read your blog, browsing the web is what he is doing right now. You also mentioned your character's story was published in some tabloid? Perfect, he's reading them, too (see the thread Easy Does It).

Should we wait for the outcome of your meeting with David Collins?
The thread in Eastside is open and we were walking toward a bench outside in Little Five Point at around eleven or midnight, so anyone could wander by.

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