The Pit and its people
The Pit - the popular vampire wrestling club / fight club / freak show in Five Points - isn't just Anna and Marc, of course. There are a few characters that are currently NPCs, but that I'd love to see played by someone else. At the moment they have a few defining traits, but other than that feel free to flesh them out as you prefer. Faces are just a suggestion, too.

Name: Myra
Clan: Ravnos
Concept: Nobody knows her real past. She'll tell you all sorts of fantastic stories, but she seems to have a compulsion for lying at any occasion. She claims she's from India, and that she's witnessed to the most impressive events of Gehenna, barely escaping her own Antediluvian. If her appearance could fit the role, however, her very American accent would suggets otherwise. She's one of the founders of the Pit, where she puts her Chimestry and her imagination to good use.
Name: Cody
Clan: Gangrel
Concept: Cody didn't think much of vampires, and a close meeting with a Gangrel didn't exactly improve his opinion of them. For a while he roamed his familiar countryside, running into various troubles and gaining wolf ears and a hyena mane as a result of his frenzies. Eventually he ventured to Atlanta, where he found he was a fish out of water for different reasons. He met Anna, Marc and Myra when they all were sleeping rough, and he's one of the founders of the Pit. He can't stand Tigerman jokes. 
Name: Jen
Clan: Gangrel
Concept: Jen wasn't one of the founders, and she's not precisely a fighter either. With a degree in Psichology and a desperate need for night shifts, however, she couldn't find any better job than becoming the Pit's "counselor" - that is to say, the one that'll soothe one's frenzy before it's too late [N.B.: she must have Animalism 3].

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