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Welcome to Unmasqued! If you've just joined the board, are considering joining, or are in any way curious about what's going on here, you're in the right place: this guide is meant to provide you with all the information you need to get started. First of all, don't forget to read the RULES: those are the laws of the land.

Unmasqued is a supernatural RPG, set in modern-days Atlanta. In our universe, vampires have been lurking in the shadows for millennia; a couple of decades ago, however, a series of tragic events almost wiped out their species and, at once, revealed their existence to mainstream society. Now the few remaining vampires are trying to adjust to a not-so-welcoming society; a condition ripe with challenges and opportunities as well.

To properly understand our universe, take a look to our HISTORY and SETTING. To get acquainted with our vampires and their features, please read OUR VAMPIRES ARE DIFFERENT . Additionally, you can check out our PLOT to see what's going on lately in Atlanta.

The setting is freely based on the world of Vampire: the Masquerade; those of you familiar with the game will recognize Clans, powers, a few themes. However, no previous knowledge is required at all: the very premise of Unmasqued does away with a large part of the lore, a few rules have been changed or ignored, and, most importantly, all you need to know is what you can read on site.

If you're new to V:tM, here's a GLOSSARY with a few terms and concepts you might meet in game. If, on the other hand, you're a V:tM fan, please check our thread on WOD AND US, to know how we relate to your familiar canon.

Our Playing Style
Unmasqued is a freeform, diceless game. Its focus is on interaction, character development, collective storytelling. It is largely a sandbox game, where you're encouraged to create your plots together with other players. However, storyteller-driven plot hooks will be provided as well: feel free to either jump in or ignore them, whatever you like the best.

Playable Characters
Here on Unmasqued, you can play a vampire or a regular mortal. Consistently with the setting, there won't be any ancient, overly powerful character. No playing character has been a vampire since earlier than 1998. As for playable vampire breeds, please check our list of BLOODLINES, where you can find who's still around in our world. Also, read about our DISCIPLINES to see what supernatural powers your character can get.

How to Join
Now, time to get a bit more technical... To join our community, first of all you need to create an OOC account. That'll be your ID as a player, the one you'll use to send and receive messages and to chat in the OOC areas. After joining, please introduce yourself HERE - so that we can get acquainted, and also so that we know you're not a bot.

To sort your brand new profile as OOC, and have access to the special features that go with it, you'll have to follow two simple additional steps: go to your User CP --> Group Memberships (or just follow THIS LINK), and:

1) Join the "OOC" group;
2) Set it as "Display Group" (don't forget this second step! Some features may not be visible if you just join the group);

(If you've got issues with any of this, I'll do it for you! However, sorting your own profile will save you some time if we're not online simultaneously).

Character Creation
We have no time limit to create a character, so feel free to look around and chat as long as you like. Once you're inspired and ready to make your PC, however, you'll have to register a new account, named after your character (that is to say, by their first name and last name, unless they're just known by their nickname, or follow a different naming standard because of their heritage).
To sort your IC profile, you have to follow the same procedure as above (again, HERE'S THE LINK) - except, instead of "OOC" choose the appropriate group (Vampire or Mortal ), and, again, set it as "Display Group".

Once you've done that, you can go to your User CP --> Edit Profile (or, again, follow THIS LINK), and fill in your application right there.

For some more in-depth advice on the matter, here's our APPLICATION GUIDE.

Once you've completed all required fields, send a PM to FEATHERSTONE. Your app will be checked to make sure it's consistent with the site's lore; if nothing is missing, your PC will be approved and you'll be ready to go.

Still not sure what to play? Check if you like any of our WANTED ADS.

N.B.: When writing from your User CP, remember to use the tag under here to space lines and paragraphs, as simply using 'enter' won't do.

So add <br> before or after a line to add space.

After approval, it's time to take a look to our dedicated PLOTTING AREA. There you can post your own plotter and visit those of other players, and also check if there is any ST-driven plot hook or event you might like to join.

Finishing Touches
Also don't forget to complete the last details of your profile, and more exaclty:
- linking your IC and OOC accounts (User CP -->Account Swticher, or follow THIS OTHER LINK); N.B.: please do it from your OOC account, or it'll become messy when you create additional characters.
- linking your plotter to your IC account's miniprofile (check once more User CP --> Edit Profile, that is to say THIS LINK);
- linking your IC profiles to your OOC account miniprofile (same link as above) - so those who interact with you OOC can know at a glance who you are playing.

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