[Plot Hook] A Call to all Kindred Spirits
A CallI to All Kindred Spirits

The hook: You got the message, somehow. Maybe you got an anonymous e-mail, maybe you heard about it from that one acquaintance you surely have. The news was spread discretely, but not even so much. It was an invitation to a meeting, meant to discuss about the future of all vampiredom. Inspiring? Suspicious? Pretentious? In any case, one could like to take a closer look.

Impact: Joining is optional, but odds are most people will hear about it.

When? Who? How?: More details will be established once I've gathered some interest. OOCly speaking, I'd rather not have a room full of NPCs.

How to join: Reply to this thread! It will be used to coordinate future scenes if necessary, too.
Lilah would LOVE social gatherings. She has none too many of those among 'their kind'. She'd show up, but might not always be the most attentive, or silent, listener.
David would most likely think about going to something like this, if only to learn more about this whole deal. He had precious little guidance, so getting together with other vampires would sound like a smart move to him.
Mud would (after trying to track the email), think a few times about it, but most likely would end up going. If only to see if it would match uo with the accounts of similar gatherings that got logged in the past. He'd probably not LIKE it to be like that, but the only way to judge, and possibly guide, is to attend....
Helen wouldn't be a Ventrue if she weren't interested in 'discussing the future of all vampiredom'. Of course, it could also be a trap. But she has reliable people who'd come with her as well, and she will take all necessary precautions, so...
If Svali's DOES receive the message, I think he'd at least consider showing up. Not because he cares about any vampire politics (he's still not convinced he's a vampire himself!), but because that would be a great opportunity to observe a vampire social meeting, and perhaps getting to know a few individuals.
Gao would immediately distrust such an invitation, but that's precisely why he would attend. Future of all vampire kind? Sounds like someone needs a civics lesson.
Viviane would attend too, but nervously. She fear it would be a trap, but could not resist her curiosity. Seeing another Kiasyd would spark her curiosity even more!
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Kris will attend. What better way to make his pressence known in a new Domain then to attend a kindred meeting? He is down for sure. Not even suspicious of it.
I'm glad to see the event won't go deserted! The actual scene will start in a while (there are a couple of things I'd like to play first). If you like the idea, I could poke in current threads to provide IC hooks - say, a flyer, a phone call, etc.
If you have no scene at the moment, you could use any excuse to be involved, however those who are meeting now could get something new to talk about.

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