My name is Mud, this is where I plot


Mud is a blogger on any and all things about nighttime Atlanta, and as such he might be either very well known to people that look that stuff up on the net, or not at all to people that do not. He does use his hideously deformed face, both out of necessity and 'cause he doesn't give two shits about what people would say.

Heis also, in certain circles, known as somewhat of a Kindred historian, knowing stuff about what was before The End.


The only connection he has, is complicated. He both loathes his sire for essentially killing him, and making him this freakishly ugly ... thing, and really likes him for the access granted by that same transformation to stuff he never could have dreamt of before.

Ongoing Plots

None yet.

Looking for

Anything, really. Mud could assist people looking for basic answers, he was, and is still, a competent hacker and by his new blood more than a decent shadower too.

My Threads

Thread's Name
As I wrote on Cbox, Svali's currently doing a research which includes browsing the web for any interesting vampire-related activity in Atlanta - so Mud's probably his next stop, unless the thread with Mara resolves in an unexpected way that would prevent that. Or maybe, if Mara's player agrees, they can both go and meet Mud - we will see Wink
I''ll keep an eye on that thread, then. By then, I'll probably have a sample of Mud's work ready.
If you're waiting for them, I could have Anna join your thread, and later we find an excuse to merge the two scenes. How do you like that?
Oh, While I wasn't necessarily waiting for them, we could do that. I started it because, well, it felt like a good thing to do. Besides, it's not even a day old. I'm not feeling like I'm really "waiting" yet.

That said, and as said, it could work out like that, for sure.

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