Not such a big world
Atlanta is a big city, but vampires are not so many, and most of them could know each other without requiring a great stretch of imagination.

Of course it can be expanded into more complex relations of friendship or enmity, but even in its simplest terms, if you feel like plotting with someone, but have no clue why you'd start a conversation with a stranger? Well, maybe they're not strangers, after all. You could bump into an old acquaintance, or look for them if you know they have some useful skill.

If you have any idea for common backgrounds anyone could use, feel free to contribute.
If anyone is hoping to find someone quietly in the underground, Mara isn't unknown in those circles. She does free lance work for bond's men and occasional bounty hunters, so she has experience in sniffing out people who aren't interested in being found. She has also been known to take less savory jobs, and has earned enough of a reputation to be known as competent and discreet.
There are various ways one may know Helen:
  • one was looking for... more sustainable blood than that of animals
  • one has dealings with Atlanta's criminal world
  • or perhaps the other side of the coin - one has connections to the police and has heard something of Helen?
  • one attended the same event(s) as she did - i.e. a show in The Pit
Knowing Xiao Gao would be pretty easy if -

1) You're into the activism scene locally

2) You have anything to do with internet journalism based in the area

3) You attend either the sorts of social events Gao likes to attend (clubbing or other feeding easy environments) or the kind Gao likes to crash (Anything political or fundraiser-ish)

4) You're into the weird stuff. Because Gao has to make ends meet somehow. Sad
Anyone "into" the music scene around Mid Town might have at least heard the name 'Lilah Kane', and anyone that ever visited 'Colton's' will have heard her sing. Currently, there's not much else to her, much to her own dismay. It was the big plan to become famous, after all.
David might be known for either:
  • His family name. It's one of implied importance apparently.
  • His work as a night shift male nurse. Anyone brought to Piedmont Hospital has a near 50/50 chance of ending up there on a shift of his.
  • There's the other near 50/50 chance he'll be encountered in or near Little Five Points, either on foot or on bike. Bikers in the area are more likely to actually know of him. He's a bit of a character, but always friendly.

I guess that's about it, really.
Mud. Blogger. Hacker. Underground 'activist'. Outspoken (ab)user of the lifted Masquerade.

He's probably more known from his online antics than anything else. Those in the know will probably know him for his prowess. The ones thinking they are, most likely only know his blog.

Kindred that are truly "in the know" might even be aware of the potential treasure trove in Mud's proverbial basement....
Viviane might be known by someone who read page 7 of the local tabloid. Her story about her father getting a death certificate and a funeral would have attracted the journalist for the sake of sensationalism. Her web page and research could also be known. She tries to wander around the university like she's a grownup, and she looks at the adults making business in the bars from afar. She also walks around Eastside and often sit in the parks to get some WiFi (like me presently Wink
Posting mostly everyday except from July 23 to 30
Storyteller in The Axis under Occultation
Isaac could be known from news or tabloids coming from New York City about controversies in its Health System,  most notably the controversy and risk behind a vampire being an Emergency Medical Technician, citing them as a creature of opportunity, with plenty of opportunity.

Tried his hand three years ago at making a forum with a cheesy name called the 'Crimson Sanctuary.'  It never really got off the ground, but when it was still active it yelled and cried loudly about vampire rights as equals to humans. citing injustices against vampire kind and demanding proper justice.  
while also reaching out about any and all information regarding vampires and their special conditions.  the forum itself never shut down implying its service is still being paid for, but it has no activity.

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