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David's family is not unknown in the wider Atlanta area, as it is an old one, with old money to back that name up. David, however, is much less recognized, and that suits him quite well. Of course, his colleagues know him, and know of his 'condition', but most of them only care about him doing his job, and it's a job he does well.

David rarely, if ever, talks about his heritage unasked. Not that he's ashamed of it, but rather he feels like it matters less than who HE is.


David knows his colleagues, obviously. He has two siblings that DID maintain a 'respectable' job, that he meets at some times. He's a pretty familiar sight across the Little Five Points area, usually seen on his motorcycle, or just strolling around taking in the vibrant atmosphere of the neighborhood.

Ongoing Plots

None yet

Looking for

Pretty much anything will go: life-and-death scenarios at work, or just a dull night. Slice-of-life RP, but he's also still looking for information on what precisely happened to him in 2004.

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