Gao's Plotter


Xiao Gao has been an active vampire in the area since the collapse, though he has few -- if any -- actual confidants among them. He prefers to arrive at social events, make his stir, or just enjoy the ambiance, then leave without making commitments. That said, he's not hard to reach. He's as close as one can get to being a vampire rights activist locally, though his presentation makes him seem like he's on the extreme side of the progressive movement, which is often true. His intensity and his Brujah temper combined with his activism have caused him and those who choose to associate with him minor legal trouble in the past.


Gao has ties to various street level organizers, a few internet journalists, and a small but loyal blog/vlog following. He has a Patreon and used to have a YouTube channel, but it was suspended.

Ongoing Plots

None yet

Looking for

Most anything. Gao is interested in most causes related to destroying systems of oppression, social or physical. Gao is also interested in physically or psychologically attractive persons in general, as well as interested in finding sustainable work where he can openly be himself, fangs and all, so that he can stop moonlighting in the world's oldest profession when the money gets tight. He's always interested in making new connections and trying new things.

My Threads

I could see Xiao bringing in, or coming in with, someone that got injured in a rally or something, or to see what happened to someone that was at the wrong time at th wrong place, caught in an altercation with authorities during something similar.

Then again, with David spending a lot of his free nights (any he deems so, really) in the district of Little Five Points in atlanta's Eastside area, they could even meet there, in some way. Smile
Either of those works pretty well, honestly. Do you have a preference for either? Well, I suppose it matters on what state of mind you want them to be in when they meet.

I suppose I should read up more on both areas just to be safe. Solid leads, in either case.
Viviane would also follow her blog. She agrees on activists positions, but she would try to hide it. She still respect her family, even if they are totally anti-Vampire and extremely pro-Law. She's just began to try to unshackle herself.
You culd join us in the open thread in Eastside. Gao could have heard about Viviane predicament from the tabloid when her parents gained the right to celebrate her funeral without her body.

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