Hello and welcome!
Hi everyone! I'm Featherstone, your friendly neighbourhood admin. If you're a new member, this is where you can stop, say hi, meet and greet the community.

If you feel like, you can tell us about your RP preferences and experiences - or just anything else you enjoy.
Hi. My name is not Willow, or Willowleafs, but I'll go with it on here anyway. Wink

I'm not unfamiliar with the play-by-post format, nor am I new to the WoD & V:tM. But I'm more familiar with the former than I am with the latter.

Now, for some details: I'm Dutch. I'm primarily a D20 type of guy (oh, yeah, I'm a dude Wink ), love to cook in my spare time, and obviously really like to role play, too.
Hey, Tenebris here. I 'met' Featherstone over at the RPG Initiative community and that's how I found my way here. Wink

Like Willowleafs above, I'm familiar with PBP role-play and I've done some tabletop before (SW D6 by West End Games and VtM - 20th Anniversary Edition.)

I'm Euro-American (haha, tossing in a bit of mystery so some of you can wonder about me), and my favorite things are writing and playing video games (RPGs, of course!)
RandomHumanD, reporting in!

I'm more of a tabletop gamer than a PBP gamer. I don't have much of an online rep, so to speak, though I've been doing tabletop WoD for quite a few years.

I'm from California, which they tell me is part of the United States, although these days I sort of doubt it.
Greetings folks

I'm Teal. I've been playing tabletop, playing in the WoD, writing, storytelling for many years now. I use to PBP, but not in recent years, and I'd like to give it a try again on here.

I'm from Europe, also do some LARP, work in an indie game dev studio, and am confidence existence precedes essence.

Looking forward to building cool stories with y'all.

I'm Quaotik, I have been playing for so many years it is not a mental derangement. I have made and been admin on sites. I have been storytellers on many sites over the years and played over 500 characters between on-line play and larping.

I live in Nevada.

I'm cool with background ties of any sort (love/Friends/Frenemies/Antagonsitic)

See you in there.
Hello folks!

I'm Meg. I used to roleplay in forums years ago, and I did so aggressively. I managed to wander my way onto this forum, and it looks like a absolute blast and an awesome way to dip my toes back in the pool so to speak.

I adore IC dramatics and angst. Maybe a little character romantics if the little minions I create are of interest. Can't wait to start up some trouble with you all!
Hello, fellow WoD fans! I'm Kresyda, another of your European players.

I have come across Featherstone's post on a Facebook cWoD group and I decided to give the Unmasqued a try. I'm new to PBFs, but I have been role-playing for years now, running chronicles of my own included.

I like atmospheric games with an emphasis on characters and their relations. I definitely prefer the 'play to play' style above all others.

Hi, I'm Hangatyr.

I'm in the UK and have been searching for a pbp forum rpg for a while.  I've roleplayed for a long time and I'm not new to forum RP (though I'm no expert, either)

Looking forward to role-playing and writing some cool stories.
Hello. I am Scauthra, tho I also go by the handle Slyvaina or Sly.

I use to be an active poster and community enthusiast one the Danse Macabre: London forum. I played a toreador named Davvad. I plan to make another rose here. Heheh.

I enjoy horror, role play, fun complicated stories and table top. I play a lot of 5e right now. Looking to get bonkers here and meet some cool peeps.

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