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She's one of the owners of First Circle, a very popular nightclub in Westside; among its customers a large number of vampires, and of course vampire kinksters and groupies; other mortals would visit the club because it sounds edgy, it looks cool to share on their social media - or even because they actually enjoy the ambience.
A successful business owner, then - even though her line of business would get some eyebrow raised.
Lately, however, her name has been tied to more tragic events. A second club in Midtown had sounded like a good idea, at first. The Salient had opened in April 2018, with a most promising reception. Sure, there had been some anonymous threat, but what vampire isn't accustomed to those?
On June 5th, however, it happened. The club was set on fire during daytime, killing three vampires who'd been crashing there after dancing until dawn. The fact was quickly dismissed as an accident, at least that was the official version.


Her business partner + lots of others TBD.

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