Disciplines. That is to say, supernatural powers vampires are endowed with. Here's a list of all of them - all those that are still existing in our setting, that is, as a large amount of powers disappeared with Gehenna.

As for what Disciplines your character can have? All characters can start with up to four powers in their Bloodline's Disciplines (with the exception of Caitiff, as explained in our APPLICATION GUIDE).

Later, they can learn additional powers IC. This can be achieved training by themselves if they are Bloodline Disciplines, or finding a tutor to teach them if they are not. The exceptions is Flight, that can't be practiced without a Gargoyle's peculiar anatomy. In game terms, to learn a new power you're supposed to write at least a scene devoted to your PC's training, and then wait for Staff approval before you can add it to your list.

As for the order in which a vampire would learn them, they all must start from the bottom. That is to say, an Auspex user cannot have access to Aura Perception if they have not practiced Heightened Senses first: higher powers are a refinement of more basic one.

That said, here we go with our list.


1 - Feral Whispers: You can communicate with animals, and even give them simple orders. Keep in mind that animals aren't personified, so they'll only communicate through simple concepts, basic feelings and images.

2 - Beckoning: You can summon animal of a species of your choice within reach of your voice.

3 - Quell the Beast: You can subdue an animal, making them very passive and tractable. Additionally, you can use it on a frenzying vampire to try to calm them down.


1 - Heightened Senses: You can enhance one or more your senses to supernatural levels. Keep in mind that this also make you somehow vulnerable to stong stimuli - e.g. if you enhance your hearing you can eavesdrop from a great distance, however a loud noise would be painfully deafening.

2 - Aura Perception: By focusing your attention on someone, you can see their emotions in the guise of colors. How they'd appear may vary, however you have an intuitive sense of what they mean. This does not allow you to detect lies automatically, however. Additionally, vampires auras have paler shades.

3 - Spirit's Touch: By touching an object you can perceive psychic impressions of the last person who used it.


Celerity makes you supernaturally fast (in game terms, making an additional action per turn for each level of Celerity). It has no individual power; increasing it up to level three only means you can be even faster.


1 - Ignis Fatuus: You can create a static illusion that affects one sense.

2 - Fata Morgana: You can create a static illusion that affects all senses.

3 - Apparition You can create an illusion that affects all senses and give motion to it.


1 - Command: By looking someone in their eyes, you can give them a one-word order that must be obeyed.

2 - Mesmerize: You can now give more articulate orders.

3 - The Forgetful Mind: You can erase memories and implant new ones into a target's mind. This power requires a certain accuracy not to leave holes and to actually be effective.


1: You can use their leathery wings to soar like a hang-glider. N.B.: All Gargoyles start with this power, in addition to the four ones they can choose.

2: You can now actually fly, by making a running takeoff.

2: You can now make a straight, vertical takeoff.


Fortitude endows you with supernatural resilience, even allowing some limited resistence to fire and sunlight (which are still extremely dangerous, however, and Fortitude does not make you immune from Rotschreck). It does not have individual powers; incresing Fortitude up to three only means an even greated resistance.


1 - The Missing Voice: You can "throw" your voice anywhere within your line of sight, thus being able to carry on surreptitious conversations, sing duets with yourself, or cause any number of distractions.

2 - Phantom Speaker: You can project your voice to any individual you have personally met, regardless to the distance.

3 - Madrigal: You can tap into music's emotional power, forcing listeners to feel whatever you wish.


1 - Folderol: With this power you can cleave truth from lies.

2 - Darkling Trickery: You can cause minor magic pranks, that cannot seriously harm the target (at least not directly), but can distract them and annoy them.

3 - Faerie Wards: You can protect an area by drawing gryphs and symbols that would disorient anyone who sees them.


1 - Sense Vitality: You can sense someone's level of health, how badly they're wounded and even - if your mundane knowledge allows you to interpret what you perceive - what illnesses may affect them.

2 - Anesthetic Touch: You can block a voluntary subject's pain from wounds or disease, or to put a mortal to sleep.

3 - Corpore Sano: You can heal the wounds of a living or undead creature. This does not allow you to heal diseases, just injuries; you can use it to help someone recover from blood loss, but you will consume an equal amount of your own blood (which means that if you're well fed you can save someone from exanguination, but you cannot produce any extra amount of blood by feeding, then healing, then feeding again).


1 - Cloak of Shadows: You can easily stay unnoticed as long as you keep still in the shadows and have some kind of cover.

2 - Unseen Presence: You now can actually make yourself invisible.

3 - Mask of a Thousand Faces: You can make the observer perceive your appearance as different from what it is.


Potence makes you supernaturally strong. Like other physical Disciplines, it does not have individual powers, only an even more impressive strength.


1 - Awe: You can increase your magnetism and charisma and draw others towards you.

2 - Dread Gaze: By baring your fangs and twisting your visage, you can terrify those who see you, cowing them or forcing them to flight.

3 - Entrancement: You can charm a target, making them feel exceptionally fond of you for that night.


1 - Eyes of the Beast: You can make your eyes glow red, and see perfectly well in pitch darkness.

2 - Feral Claws: you can change your hands into fearsome claws that do supernaturally aggravated damage.

3 - Earth Meld: You can melt yourself with the earth, vanishing into the ground and sheltering from threats on the surface, daylight included.


1 - Skin Of The Chameleon: You can change the colour of your skin, blending with the environment.

2 - Scry The Hearthstone: You can get an intuitive sense of where individuals are located within a structure. .

3 - Bond With The Mountain: You can merge with stone or cement. Unlike Earth Melt, to which it resembles, it does not make you disappear entirely, as your vague outline will be visible, however it similarly allows you to find refuge from sunlight.

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