Restless nights in Atlanta. A vampire club, recently opened in Midtown, has been burnt during daytime, leading to the Final Death of three vampires who had found shelter there. After a very short investigation, authorities have determined it was an accident; the investigation was, indeed, extremely short. The Church of Life has all but openly rejoyced to the news, ominously hinting to the hand of God whenever responsibilities were mentioned.

Meanwhile, the Underground Wrestling Club in Five Points isn't famous just for its performances (where vampires, often down on their luck, make a show of their supernatural shenanigans to entertain a rather dubious audience), but for all sorts of odd people it attracts. Lately, a new vampire has showed up, claiming he was not the result of a regular Embrace, but of a secret experiment to create supersoldiers. He does not sound very sane, however who knows if there's a part of truth in his story?

N.B.: Unmasqued is a sandbox game. ST-driven events are featured here and there, but feel free to use them or ignore them at your own discretion.

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