Antediluvians: The thirteen vampires from which vampire Clans descended. Almost as old as humankind and endowed with powers beyond imagination, in ancient days they fought each other for the most disparate reasons, eventually all falling into torpor, worn out and delirious as they were. After millennia of slumber, in 1999 they all rose for their final fight, only to cause their own demise and that of most vampiredom.

Beast: The irrational, dark side of a vampire's psyche - both a mindlessly violent instinct and the ultimate drive to survive. Sedated by one's higher psyche most of the time, it can take over under extreme distress, causing Frenzy or Rotschreck.

Blood Bond: Before Gehenna, an emotional bond artificially induced by drinking a vampire's blood on separate occasions, causing - at its strongest - both an obsessive love and complete subjugation. Traditionally used to enslave both vampires and mortals, it does not work anymore nowadays, as vampire blood seems to have lost most of its magick.

Bloodline: A vampire lineage, whose progeny inherits from their Sire both supernatural weaknesses and a talent for some typical Discipline.

Childe (plural: Childer): The progeny of a vampire, created through the Embrace.

Camarilla: Before Gehenna, one of the two major sects. Built as a feudal system, with a complex hierarchy and Princes exerting authority over their own cities, it also enforced the Masquerade and a superficial veneer of civilization. As with all vampire power structures, it was annihilated by Gehenna.

Clan: Before Gehenna, a major vampire lineage not only passing on their typical traits from Sire to Childe, but also having its own organization, tradition and hierarchy. All such traditions were wiped out by Gehenna, and now all vampire families are Bloodlines at most.

Disciplines: Supernatural powers vampires are endowed with.

Embrace: The act of turning a mortal into a vampire. This is accomplished by draining all blood from the mortal host and then forcing them to swallow a few drops of your own vitae.

Frenzy: What occurs when the Beast takes over due to anger or hunger, causing the vampire to fly into a fit of unstoppable violence. It can be somehow controlled for a while, but such an exetrion of will is very taxing, and the vampire will need to remove the issue (by finding a safe way to feed, or getting away from the cause of their anger), or they'll end up losing control.

Gehenna: The Apocalypse of vampire world. For millennia, it was prophetized by some and considered a myth by all others. In the end, it became reality in 1999, when the Antediluvian rose and, in a delirious week, caused the distruction of almost all vampires.

Ghoul: Before Gehenna, a servant created by allowing a mortal to drink the blood of a vampire. The mortal stopped aging gained some limited access to Disciplines. However, they became addicted to their master's blood, alongside being emotionally subjugated by the Blood Bond. Deprived of vampire blood, they would've returned to their natural age. After Gehenna, as all blood bonds stopped working, old Ghouls withererd and dies, while others reverted to 'normal' humans, getting over their addiction whether they liked it or not.

Masquerade: Before Gehenna, the concerted effort to hide vampires from humans. Once a tenet upheld by all vampires (whether they liked to admit it or not), it was shattered by the blatant display of supernatural powers during Gehenna, forcing vampires to live in the open.

Rotschreck: What occurs when the Beast takes over in fear and a vampire tries to escape their surroundings at all costs. Typically caused by the sight of sunlight or of a large, menacing fire.

Sabbat: Before Gehenna, the other major sect, who advocated a more savage living with no regards for mortals. While claiming to despise the Masquerade, they sort of respected it anyway - although in a more violent fashion, killing witnesses as opposite to avoiding supernatural displays. They also believed Gehenna was getting closer, and claimed they would have fought against the Antediluvians. Despite all such claims, they were equally destroyed.

Sire: A vampire who has Embraced somebody.

Torpor: A deep state of unconsciuosness in which a vampire will fall when completely starved or very badly wounded. If caused by starvation it will last until blood is provided. If caused by wounds, its lenght tends to be inversely proportional to a vampire strength (as the incapacitation of a more power creature implies much more dramatic damage to recover from): the Antediluvians had beaten each other in a torpor that lasted for millennia, however an ordinary vampire will rise again after a few nights.
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