A Night on the Town
Shit. She should have known better than to feed on the town. What was she thinking? She should have...

Calm down, ya little Beastie, stop roaring, she thought to herself. You got your fix, so what are you bitchin’ about? It is me who has to deal with consequences, right?

Jen was sitting at a bus stop. She had missed the previous coach to the outskirts and wasn’t sure when the next would come. She tried to read the timetable, but her vision was blurry and she couldn’t make heads or tails of it. She supposed she should just call a taxi, so she fumbled at her smartphone, but it slipped out of her hands and landed on the pavement. Fuck you, phone.

The Gangrel had had a good evening on the town. She had been meeting some of her old university friends. Together, they had gone dancing to a club. The awkwardness had arisen when it had come to ordering drinks. Jen had said she was going to be fine without any – and it had been true, she hadn’t been that hungry, and certainly hadn’t been in a mood for drinking preserved animal blood. If she had wanted animal blood, she could at least have it fresh.

Her friends had seemed troubled by the thought everybody was going to drink except from her. So they had devised a wonderful (in their opinion) plan: she should drink a little from all of them.

“It’s better than pub crawling,” Sarah had laughed. “You don’t have to crawl.”

Jen couldn’t remember how she got talked into the possibly disastrous idea. She supposed her friends had treated it as a kind of a game: first they get drunk themselves, and then they get her drunk with their blood. Hilarious!

So she had bitten Alex, and taken small quantity from him. She had seemed fine, so next she had bitten Judy. They had had to hide from other patrons, but otherwise it had been a blast.

But now Jen was dizzy and on the verge of torpor, and that fucking bus would not come. She slid down from the bench in an awkward manner and tried to reach for her phone. It was a hard task, because she saw three of these and couldn’t decide which to snatch. Gosh, as if she was loaded. Well, she supposed she was that, too.
Samara had just finished the celebration with one of her childhood friends over the recent graduation of one of them, Alice, from her university. it never failed to amuse her the image that she and them created together, she, looking like a 19 years old girl, and her friends all on their late twenties. The contrast between them was all the more pronouced in the group selfie that they took together at the end.

She was looking over at that selfie in her phone while humming to herself when she is snapped out of it by the sound of breaking glass and plastic. She looks down and spots the remains of a crushed phone beneath the heel of her boot and even more worrying, a woman on the floor reaching out to said remains!

She quickly puts her phone away and sets about apologizing. "Fuck, i am so sorry, please forgive me, i was distracted, i really did not mean to do this." She gently grabs the woman and tries to hlep her sit on the bench, hoping that getting her off the floor, for whatever reason she was there in the first place, might be a good start to making it up for her.

Jen wasn’t sure how it happened, but it seemed all three phones suddenly cracked and broke at the same moment. The Gangrel tried to focus on the object that apparently had pierced them, but before she was able to muster enough remains of her sobriety, someone grabbed her and in an instant the pavement was flying away from her, and so was her smartphone.

“Bye, pavement, bye, phone,” she muttered. Ok, thought a cynical voice in the back of her head, I am drunk.

Now she tried to fix her gaze upon the girl who was lifting her. Did she know her? Was it one of her friends? She tilted her head, but to no avail – she was too sleepy and too giddy. “Thanks,” she said just in case. It seemed a safe move. “I, uh, think I dropped my pho–,” Jen didn’t finish the sentence because of an inescapable yawn. Man, she wished she wasn’t so drowsy right now. Or that she was safely curled up in her haven. “Do I know you?” she risked asking.
Samara helped dust off some of the dirt that was stuck on the clothes of the girl after she feel on floor, as she did so she looks up at the girl with a raised eyebrow at her 'bye pavement and bye phone' comment, coming to the conclusion that she is extremelly drunk. However she quickly smiles when she is thanked and the girl yawns before she can finish her comment about the phone, with as drunk as this girl seems to be, and with a bit of luck, she is not going to remember that it was her that just broke her phone. She shrugs at her question

"I do not know, maybe you already saw me performing or saw one of my videos? Either way i do not think that we ever got introduced or personally met each other. Are you ok? You seem a bit out of it."
“Ah. So we don’t? Got to make sure.” Seated on the bus stop’s bench again, Jen held its edges as if to steady herself. She shook her head. She needed to think clearly.

“I’m fine. Just a bit–,” another yawn. “Just a bit drowsy, ‘tis all. Say, can ya read the timetable to me?”

She could feel her body stiffening. Not yet, not yet, she begged in her thoughts, not just yet! I can’t fall to the ground like a corpse in the middle of a street! She tried to focus – which wasn’t easy, alcohol was still there – and stir her blood a little, in hopes to animate her body further. “I, uh, missed the bus. I think.” Shit, her jaw felt as if carved out of stone. No good. “Yeah, I definitely did. Uh... I need to get to the outskirts. Quick. Can ya help?”
Samara bites her lips as she tries to read the bus timetables but the fucking thing is covered in so much grafitti that she can barely make out anything, the earliests one that she can make out is scheduled for nearly a hour from now.

She looks down at the girl and hesitates for a moment to accept her request, afraid that this might be a set up and not sure if her vampire self could handle itself if she got ambushed in the outskirts.

"I can call a taxi, but why the outskirts and why the hurry?"
Jen’s brain took its time to process the reply. Oh, good! it returned, she’s willing to assist!

“Taxi? Yeah. That’s what I’ve been tryin’ when... when...” Too late; the thought was gone. The Gangrel tried to focus on the next thing in line. “I live in the suburbs.” Now she imagined Zeke at the fringes of frenzy, yelling at her: DON’T. EVER. REVEAL. YOUR HAVEN! She knew she should try to calm him down, otherwise prison officers will get upset and stake him, but she couldn’t... she couldn’t... Never mind. What’s next? Rrright. The why of it all. “I, uh, ‘ve narcolepsy.” She hoped her speech was still coherent, ‘cause the damn jaw wouldn’t cooperate. “I think I may’ve... a fit.”
Samara was pleased enough with that explanation to accept it and start calling a taxi, she stops when a few questions pop into her mind, questions that provide her with a better idea than a taxi. She wonders why someone in her condition would be out at night without someone keeping her company. She looks around the street, trying to see if there is anyone that might be her companion but at this hour the place is nearly deserted and the few people out and about show either curiosity or little interest in the scene of the sleepy woman.

"Listen, do you have someone else keeping you company? Someone i could call to pick you up or something?"
Company? Jen frowned. Like, the folks from the Pit? They were probably busy. And none of them was her nanny. And she didn’t usually allow herself to get torpid in the streets. And... hell if she could remember any phone numbers. Perhaps she should think of an assistance dog. The joke would be on her, though.

She tried to convey all of this, but with the spreading numbness in her body, all she actually managed was: “Please. Ah just wanna get ‘ome.”
Samara looks down at the woman, she looks and sounds so pitiful, like a little child, she glances over to the remains of the phone and decides that paying a few dollars for a taxi ride is the least that she can do for her. She certanly will not just leave her here! Once the taxi is called she sits next to her and puts a arm around her shoulder.

"Hey, stay with me ok? That car is on the way. So, tell me, what is your name?"

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