Night Watch [OPEN]
David got in early that night. Actually, he hadn't even left the night before. He had an agreement with the guys in the morgue. He got a freezer during the day (if he needed one), and in return he indulged them some research opportunities into his condition. Seeing as the place, like with most hospitals, was out of the way in the basement, he was pretty damn safe from accidentally catching a tanning surprise. And the custodians there were considered freakish anyway, so he fitted in pretty well. So far, he had little worries about the tests. One had run a basic reflex test, another had done a ECG. Apparently, he was dead. No shocker there Yesterday, he had one of the geekier ones. Trying to figure out if he could fly. Which Davis was pretty sure of he couldn't. He was right.

But now, after waking up, opening the freezer from the inside (they had exposed the mechanism on the inside of the door), and getting a drink from a very nice (and very curious) friend, he was heading to his station. Today he had a shift on the ER, and he made sure never to miss any of those. He liked them, even before all of this. Never predictable, though not as "always hectic" as movies and series made it out to be. But if it got hectic, it really did get hectic. The worst were gang shoot-outs and cops responding to them. Stuff tended to be worse on Fridays and Saturdays, too. Which was a big contributing factor to him staying the day this time. I was now late Friday evening, and it already looked like it was going to be "one of those nights".

As he walked into the ER, he saw a flesh-coloured blur being chased by three orderlies all around the ER. Taking into account the size of the blur, he reckoned it was Cynthea, a resident of the psychiatric wing with a tendency to run off any chance she got, at an impressive speed for a 300 pound, barely 6 feet tall woman. The thing was, one could easily tell the new people from the regulars. The new people stared, the regulars either went on as if nothing happened, or were actually chasing after her to get her reigned in. As he walked up to the station (he was pretty much in the 'regulars' camp), he spotted a crumpled heap of hastily discarded clothes. Which pretty much filled in the blanks concerning the circumstances of the colour....

Evenin' Lisa. What you got for me, if anything?, he addressed the shift supervisor for the night. They were pretty much evenly matched, experience-wise, but as a 'normal', she had gotten the position, with him just being the go-to guy in case she wasn't in. Someone forgot to monitor Cyn again, I see. Lisa looked up, leaned over the counter and looked at the scene straight from a Benny Hill sketch, minus the catchy tune. Yeah. Got to admit, she's fit. They been at it for 10 minutes now. As for tasks, it's still quiet. But I could sure use some help catching up on yesterday's paperwork, if you don't mind. Lisa was one of the people that cared little for his condition. She knew he was a damn good nurse, and that was what mattered to her. And they had started here at the same time, too, so that helped. Sure thing, boss, he said with a smile. He took a seat off to the side, and started sorting out the different files and worksheets that were still in the to-do pile.

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