WoD and Us
WoD and Us

If you found our board while looking for a Vampire: the Masquerade game, you are welcome! Unmasqued is in fact inspired by the World of Darkness, from which it takes most of its terms and concepts. A quick disclaimer, however: this is not a canon game. Not only the current setting isn't canon, but a large part of the metaplot will be handwaved or ignored, only the most general outlines being preserved. So, issues like why the Technocracy / Lilith / the Tal'mahe'ra did not interfere with such an outcome, or what should happen once this or that canon figure or conspiracy has dissappered overnight, is no concern for us: history has developed differently than in V:tM books, and all we need to know is the current result. Again, for all purposes, all you need to know is what you can read on site. Most importantly, your character has no way to know better, given their young age and limited experience. The focus is on present days and what you can learn in game.

Now, on some more specific point...

General Mood

Our 'verse is made of lights and shadows. The world isn't a nice place, the existence of a vampire (but that of a mortal, too) has lots of opportunities for angst, for conflict both internal and external. It's not only that, however.

We've done away with the whole "world like ours, except darker, creepier, badder, badder, more corrupted down to the last single corner, and also badder" refrain of WoD. It's a world like ours (plus the supernatural), so there's no lack of evil as you might have noticed. That's quite enough.

Also, vampires are allowed to have a variety of emotions and relations. Sure, their experience is traumatic and alienating, their cravings disturbing, and they might get out of control. That should be taken into account. However, they can still have feelings both positive and negatives, joys that aren't based on abuse or self-delusion. If you want to play a character that's perpetually angsty, has no emotions other than hangry, only finds pleasure in violence and backstabbing, you can do that by all means! However, if someone else's vampire character is honestly enjoying a chat with their friends once in a while, that's legitimate RP as well.

To resume: the '90s are over. The world has no need to be even grittier. There are outfits other than trenchcoats.


This is a post-Gehenna setting. Our version of Gehenna, however, is none of the official scenarios. In our world, it was a week of madness in which all Antedeluvians plus Caine rose to engage in their final fight, almost all vampiredom (except a few high generation nobodies) were drawn into the fight, and it ended with all contestants being pulverized abruptly (most likely by divine intervention, but there's no proof of it).

Post-Gehenna World

A few major changes to keep in mind:

Vampire society is gone. Ancient vampires are all dead. There is no Masquerade to enforce. You won't find Domains, Princes, Primogen and the like. Could anyone re-establish those? Go ahead and try!, however it's not so obvious that very young vampires would see a feudal system as a necessity or even a reasonable option. A vampire gangster could try to control a territory like any other gangster could, however others won't see the point of a "domain" any more than you and I do.

There are no Ghouls or blood bonds. Blood isn't what it used to be. It doesn't have any special effect on mortals, neither can it enforce emotions on another vampire (some undead lovers would still exchange a drink because it feels good, but that's their business). Ghouls used to exist, but after Gehenna all old one dies, and those younger ones got over their addiction for better or worse.

Thin Bloods: the difference between generations does not seem to matter anymore, and there are more Caitiff among new vampires. There aren't specific rules for "thin bloods", however. Nobody breeds, there are no dampyrs, and there never had been any.

Other supernaturals. Nobody knows what happened to other supernaturals (most likely, PCs won't know anything about them anyway). It seems they were all affected by Time of Judgment one way or another, and they haven't showed up since then. All we know is that some magick seems to have vanished, other dimensions such as the Umbra not being accessible anymore.


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