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<div style="font-family: rock salt; font-size: 20px; text-align: center; color: #0072BC; ">General Rules</div>

i. Unmasqued is a mature-themed RPG. By joining you declare you are at least 18 years old.
ii. Our board is rated 3/3/3: write whatever you like, with the only caveat that follows.
iii. Our content may include topics that are disturbing in nature. References to blood, death, violence, may come untagged, as they may be essential to the plot. However, if you wish to explore other topics that are especially graphic (such as torture, rape, child abuse, suicide), or simply NSFW, you must add a content warning at the beginning of the thread, or of the incriminating scene, as follows:

[spoiler=Content Warning]Write here what content one must expect[/spoiler]

i - Please create an OOC account, and an additional IC account for each of your characters.
ii - There's no limit to the number of characters you can have: create as many as you like.

i - We have no word count: write as much or as little you find appropriate in each context. What matters is that you give others someone to react to.

i - We have no activity check; a character who isn't involved in any ongoing scene or plot can be inactive indefinitely - we'll just assume they were busy elsewhere.
ii - Once your character is involved in an active plot, however, you're expected to reply timely (not a hard rule, but within a week would be ideal), or at least to keep in touch OOC and let people know you're still around. Players can agree on a faster or slower pace for a scene: communication is what matters.
iii - On the other hand, if you're missing in action for more than two weeks, and you have made no attempt to contact other players or Staff, and don't respond to PMs, your character will be written out of any ongoing plot or scene as effortlessly as possible.

i - Remember to keep IC and OOC feelings separate: IC drama is welcome, but it should have no reflection OOC.
ii - Be respectful to all members. We accept no bullying or harassment, nor do we tolerate discrimination for factors such as, but not limited to: age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, occupation, disabilities, religion, or nationality.

i - By publishing any image on this board, you imply you have a right to do so.
ii - If any of the published material is infringing your rights as a copyright holder, and you believe in good faith it may not fall under fair use, please send a message HERE providing your contact and evidence of your claim, and the offending material will be removed straight away.  

<div style="font-family: rock salt; font-size: 20px; text-align: center; color: #0072BC; ">Role-Playing Rules</div>

i - All IC posts should be written in third person, past tense.
ii - Avoid chatspeak - unless your character is actually writing a text message.
iii - This board welcomes ESL writers (the author of this post is one) and people with any level of expertise, however please do your best to make your posts intelligible and - unless you can prove you're e. e. cummings - use proper punctuation and capitalization.


i - Unmasqued has a TIMELINE where events are placed in their proper order.
ii - A character can be involved in more than one thread at once, however be careful of time paradoxes. If you suspect the outcome of a scene may have a major impact on another one, you should either pre-arrange said outcome with your RP mates, or postpone the latter.

i - Your character only knows what they had a way to learn IC; unless they're using some telepathic ability, they may not miraculosuly "guess" another's inner monologue or true intentions.
ii - OOC agreements on plot development between players, on the other hand, are welcome and even encouraged.

i - You may not take control of another player's character. This includes writing an overly long sequence of action, implying that the other makes no attempt to interfere. If you want to write a long sequence where someone else's just following you, please check with them if it's what their character would do.

i - You may not force another player to join a plot they don't like: please ask them before hopping into a thread that's not open, or initiating an action that'd affect them directly.
ii - Once a plot has been agreed upon, however, you cannot opt out its consequences; if your character attacks another, you can't prevent them or their allies from striking back.
iii - Additionally, your actions don't happen in a vacuum, so if your character does anything dramatic, NPCs (say, bystanders, the police, etc) may react as well.
iv - Character death may happen as a consequence of blatantly suicidal moves, where no other outcome can be reasonably imagined. In all other cases, unless a player agrees on having their character killed, a non-lethal solution will always be favored.

i - Unmasqued is a freeform game, therefore conflict resolution must be agreed between players; we suggest you take into account both what's more likely (e.g. a much stronger character winning a physical confrontation), and what would lead to a more interesting development (e.g. someone succeeding at stealing information that'd make for an interesting plot, as opposite to nothing happening).
ii - If no agreement can be reached between players, or you simply don't like to decide your fate, you can contact the Staff for advice, or to establish the outcome in your place.

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