Player: Tenebris
Species: Vampire
Bloodline: Toreador
Pronouns: She/Her
Plotter: Storm's Plotter
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First Impression:

Storm (AKA, Lily Hale) is a small woman of exceptional beauty. Her personality, while warm, however, could quickly become grating to those with little patience, as the extroverted Toreador was forever speaking at an unceasing and unrelenting pace.

Coming from a strict and sheltered home, Storm is a pure innocent who is discovering the world for the first time. She was initially impulsive and childish, but has since balanced her adventurous nature with control and responsibility. She never asked for a life of dark adventures, but was pulled into it when she was Embraced.

Because the world is a bright new adventure waiting to be experienced, she comes at it from a position of innocence, empty of prejudice and judgement. Storm is absolutely honest with herself and with others. She's raw, emotional, naive, and true. To many people she is a breath of fresh air, but to some she can be rather annoying. Storm inspires a sense of fun and freedom in others. She wants to enjoy the world for the first time. To her, the world is still quite black and white, but she is learning to discern shades of grey. Her beliefs and morals are very straightforward, and she can quite inflexible in this regard. She doesn't have a good poker face, and is poor at deceiving people.

Despite being "new" to the world as a vampire, Storm is learning extremely quickly from her experiences, and has become very self-sufficient. She is also anything but helpless. If anything, she's dangerous, and it's her kind, strong nature that holds her vampire instincts in check. People forget that she had to lose everything upon becoming a vampire; her friends, family, everything she knew. That she has been able to build a new life is a testament to her strength and optimistic view of the world.

HOBBIES: Discovery, Experience, Fun, Sex

Year of Birth: 1980
Year of Embrace: 1998

Nature: Bon Vivant
Demeanor: Celebrant

For the first seventeen years, Lily's life could only have been described as regular. She lived with her parents and older brother in the city of Seaside, Oregon, in a comfortable two-story home complete with am iconic white picket fence and beloved family pet. They were neither rich nor poor, and years seemed to blend effortlessly together, marked by a sense of uniformity: both parents worked, the family vacationed in the same place every summer, and the yearly rituals of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and various birthdays involved more or less the same people every time. Life followed a calm, predictable course for the Hales, and nobody had any doubts that Lily would graduate from high school and go to college, much like her brother David had done.

Lily herself was a regular, well-adjusted girl, as much as a teenager could be in any case. She had average-to-good grades at school, and though she wasn't exactly a social butterfly, she enjoyed the company of a few good friends, and generally got along well with most, teen dramas aside. Her problems were those of many a 17 year old: whether this or that boy liked her, how to persuade her parents to buy her a car, what to wear at the next party or town festival, of which a few were organized during the tourist season. It was during one of these that Lily's life changed forever.

Together with her group of friends, Lily was mingling and having a good time, feeling quite giddy with anticipation because her best friend had convinced her crush to meet with them that evening, in the hopes of sparking some romance between him and Lily. Therefore, she was well-groomed and wearing a daring red dress cut well above the knees, which she'd had to smuggle out of the house to avoid being spotted by her mother. The contrast it made with her milky skin, glowing with youth and vitality, and the way her own lustrous red hair, carefully curled for the occasion, bounced upon her bare shoulders, certainly got her more than a few glances and, tragically, not all benign. Among those present was one Liam McGrath, whom most of Seaside knew for the wild, exclusive parties he organized at his residence, around which the most outrageous rumors circulated. Few however were aware that Liam was in fact, a vampire of the Toreador Clan, and a consummate hedonist. He had a penchant for limitless vanity and sampling every worldly pleasure money (or Disciplines) could offer him, and among these were new playthings, whether because he found them enticing or pretty, letting himself be governed by fickle impulse. That night, he set his sights on Lily.

McGrath's dashing looks and charm found little resistance in winning over the eighteen year old, though his appearance of a man in his late 20s held Lily's emerging fascination somewhat at bay. She couldn't figure out what a guy like him would want from her, apart from the obvious, though Liam, in his flirtations, had never gone beyond the borders of civility. When she received an invitation to one of his house parties, Lily was hesitant, if rather awed, and eventually her youthful curiosity won over. She hatched up a plan, which involved lying to her parents about a non-existent sleepover, and taking a cab to the McGrath residence.

They never heard from her again.

The party, as Lily quickly discovered, surpassed all rumors she'd previously heard: as soon as she was ushered inside, her senses were assailed by blaring music, strobe lights, an undefinable amalgam of scents and, from what glimpses the roving lights permitted until her eyes became adjusted to them, a writhing mass of bodies dressed in outlandish costumes and some only partially clothed, or not at all. There were couples and even groups engaging in lewd acts without restraint, and a few doing things that caused Lily to instinctively avert her eyes, turning them back towards the entrance, but they fell upon Liam McGrath, instead. Her jaw literally fell to the floor: he looked positively radiant to her in a way she'd never experienced it before, the inviting smile upon his flawless lips promising things that inflamed Lily's fantasies, calling out to her with an irresistible allure: he was so lovely, it ached to look. When he moved, he seemed to glide, and when he took hold of her hand, she thought her heart might jump out of her chest. After that, everything seemed to blur together in a spin of color and motion, and later Lily could remember little: she remembered sharing a dance with Liam, and him guiding her upstairs in a room furnished with leather couches around a small table; drunk on his Presence, Lily collapsed there, watching with bated breath as he joined her, smiling, and this time she could glimpse two pointed canines poking into his sensuous lower lip.

When Lily regained consciousness, she knew she was dying: an unbelievable pain tore her insides apart so she screamed and screamed, clawing at the upholstery of the couch, convulsing madly in the throes of her unholy transformation. She didn't know how long it took until a strange numbness engulfed her and she began to drown in it though when she awoke once more a new sort of urgency was upon her: a hunger unlike anything she'd felt before, and it wasn't until she felt the dead weight in her arms and glanced down at the bloody neck that she realized she was holding a woman's inert body. The realization of what she had done hit her even later, after the supremely satisfied roaring of her newly-born Beast receded and Lily's own senses resurfaced in horror.

Lily's first weeks as a vampire were a mess of hurt and confusion, and a limitless sea of loss. Liam McGrath treated the whole thing like it was a hilarious joke, and his Childe soon discovered what lay beneath his charming veneer: that he was petulant, impatient and superficial, and had no intention of being a mentor to Lily, or even a companion. He continued to indulge in his hedonistic lifestyle, though Lily had no taste for it anymore, and refused to leave the room he'd appointed to her use, to see him or even to feed, becoming enraged and violent if he visited. Liam, having very little patience for moodiness and tantrums, soon became frustrated with her, and it was only under the threat of punishment and the fear of the instability she'd seen growing in her that she began feeding again. Sire and Childe began seeing less and less of each other, and while Liam reveled in his excesses, Lily spent her nights lonely, confused, and afraid. She didn't understand why this had happened to her, missed her family and friends terribly, and what she'd seen of the Kindred world terrified her. When she attempted to contact her parents in her desperation and Liam caught her at the last moment, a harsh reprimand followed where he pointed out quite plainly that her old life was over, and that she was supposed to embrace her current existence.

It wasn't long after that Lily decided: she was going to leave Liam. Following his first failed attempts at opening her eyes to the greatness of immortality, his interest began to waver, until he more or less left her to her own devices as long as she didn't cause trouble. When she overheard a group of regular guests discussing a plan to go on a cross-state trip to Atlanta, GA, Lily perceived her chance. They were rowdy and quite liberal about who they took with them, and agreed to let her come along, for a small fee of course. Lily had no money of her own, but Liam had supplied some at first in his attempts to win her over, which she had kept. Once in Atlanta, they met up with others and, without a stable residence, moved from one shady apartment, club backroom and dilapidated shack to another, depending on various acquaintances to give them a place to spend the day. Her three companions – two males, Brujah, and a Malkavian woman, seemed just as happy to ignore Lily as Liam had been, but having no better alternative, she followed along, keeping to herself and nurturing a growing sense of loathing and desperation towards this strange, borrowed life of hers. To make matters worse, one night she awoke to find their latest temporary haven deserted, and what money reserves she had, gone. Lily was on her own in a big, unfamiliar city, a vampiric eighteen year old girl with no money and, it seemed, no future.

At wits' end, Lily curled up where she was and started sobbing her eyes out, not caring she was losing precious Vitae in the process: perhaps if she could cry it all out of her, she could at last be granted the decency of an actual death. She didn't hear the other presence lurking in the room, and nearly jumped out of her skin when a man spoke to her in a gruff voice. The sight of him proved even more of a shock, for the new arrival belonged to the Nosferatu clan and apparently owned the dilapidated building Lily and her ex-companions had used as their latest squat. Struggling to govern her fear and revulsion, the girl decided she would just be honest about her situation – what did she have to lose?, and blurted out an account of her brief life as a vampire. Leon, the Nosferatu, had a kind heart underneath his horrid appearance and sarcastic speech, and the sight of Lily was so pitiful he decided to help her out, let her live there in exchange for running errands for him, whenever he asked her to. Since the alternative was to become homeless and though she'd contemplated suicide until the moment of Leon's arrival, she found her will to live reawakened, and she agreed. Leon's assignments mostly consisted of deliveries, or setting up appointments by phone, details of which were never given to Lily (which, she figured, was for the better), but he rewarded her with money and an unlikely sort of friendship began to emerge between them. Leon was crude and not always pleasant to be around, plus his exterior had taken some getting used to before Lily no longer found it disconcerting, but he could also be a surprisingly good listener and there were times he would sit with her, explaining some of the things McGrath had never bothered to. From him she gained a working knowledge of Kindred society, though she remains shy and unwilling to seek out others of her kind, especially not members of the Toreador Clan, given her experiences with them.

NOTE: Embraced at the young age of eighteen, in the circumstances it happened, Storm retains the mindset of a teenage girl, which is the cause of much distress for her: she longs for her old life, her friends and family, and mourns all the dreams torn away from her: graduating from high school, going to college, having a “real” boyfriend, the sea and the sun which she used to love so....she spends a lot of time trying to recapture the feeling of being alive, whether by seeking out areas crowded by people or engaging in normal human behaviors (as much as she can), or even at times attempting to consume food even though bitter experience has taught her the consequences.

Storm carries a huge burden of guilt where feeding is concerned, and the memory of her first victim haunts her dreams. She knows enough about Frenzy not to dare go too hungry, and she cannot deny the delicious rapture of tasting human blood, but as soon as it is over remorse overwhelms her. She avoids interacting with her prey at all costs, using ambushes and taking what she needs quickly, and would find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to feed from someone she knows in any way.

Lacking any 'proficient' training in them whatsoever, Storm's use of her Disciplines is an instinctive one at best, and she will often fall prey to her Clan's weakness for distraction.

Disciplines: Auspex (2), Celerity (1), Presence (1)

Storm's Signature
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