Jen Yu
Player: Kresyda
Species: Vampire
Bloodline: Gangrel
Pronouns: she/her
Plotter: Jen's plotter
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First Impression: Jen's a resolute, hard to upset young woman with a default friendly stance to everyone who hasn't deliberately crossed her. She always tries to see the bright side of (un)life. The Gangrel's very helpul and she'll settle any dispute peacefully if she can.

For most of the time, Jen dresses in casual, comfortable outfits and gym clothes. Thanks to her Asian roots, she looks younger than she actually is. If someone questions her age, she just happily waves her death certificate (it does have a birth date on it, after all).

Year of Birth: 1993

Year of Embrace: 2015

Concept: Jen Yu's family are descendants of Chinese immigrants who travelled to America during the Opium Wars. Her ancestors lived in California, but later decided to move on – and ended up in Georgia.

One evening, when she was a little girl hurrying home late with her mother, she saw whom she thought to be a poor, homeless man, sitting on the pavement: shaggy, in outworn clothes, trying to ignore looks full of contempt given by passersby. Out of childish compassion, she broke out of her mother’s grasp, ran up to the vagrant and she gave him her doll, just to cheer the tramp up.

You can imagine how surprising it is, to be a shunned Gangrel in the early post-Masquerade world, and all of a sudden get a gift like that. Zeke’s curiousness was incited. Since that evening, he silently watched the compassionate girl grow up from a distance. He needed to know whether she would retain her kind heart as an adult.

When Jen was just a semester away from earning her Psychology undergraduate diploma, she was approached by a shabby looking man. She didn’t recognize the vagrant, but smiled to him anyway. He wanted to speak to her privately. It was Zeke; he explained to the young woman the entire story and eventually embraced her – even though Jen didn’t exactly give consent.

But he treated her gently. He spoke with bile of the ‘old vampires’ and claimed that if anything is worth preserving in the modern world, it would be good-natured people like her. Zeke also wanted Jen to undergo a traditional Gangrel initiation – she should spend one winter alone in the wilderness. He helped the childe prepare, and as final gift gave her back the old, ragged doll.

When Jen came back to Atlanta a year later, she learnt her family had tracked Zeke down, sued him – and, of course, won. Somehow the vagrant avoided capital punishment, but landed in prison instead. The girl immediately tried to make amends, but no one was willing to reopen the case, especially if the offender was a vampire.

Jen found herself in need of a job and wasn’t picky. She became a ‘counselor’ at The Pit, a wrestling club of sorts. Soon she came to like the place and its people.

The young childe visits her sire as often as possibly, primarily to soothe his bitter anger and prevent him from frenzying. She tries to save enough money to pay Zeke’s bail. Meanwhile, she also seeks to reconcile with her family.

Clan weakness (behavioral): after every feeding, Jen has to enter a short torpor, usually lasting 0,5-1 hour (depends on the quantity of blood ingested). If for some reason she does not, she becomes sluggish and less alert for the rest of the night (or until she has her little 'break').

Animalism 3 (Feral Whispers, Beckoning, Quell the Beast)
Fortitude 1