Isaac Hesse
Player: Zyvun
Species: Vampire
Bloodline: Brujah
Pronouns: Him/He
How to contact me:

First Impression: 5’9(or 179cm) with a pretty average frame and physique. Clean shaven, and neat dark brown hair. Usually combed over, but sometimes has it styled to a seemingly arbitrary fancy on some nights.

He presents a warm, fun and free demeanor, but his eyes still hold a stern glare to them. He is outspoken and honest to himself and others, if he thinks you're an ass, you're an ass. although if the situation calls for it he will at least try to exercise restraint. He always carries around a black leatherbound notebook and a Ballpoint pen and Pencil.
Typically he wears whatever he pleases. Typically wearing graphical T’s with skulls or other such “metal” designs. Anything Ranging in the narrow selection of black greys and whites, and various metal band merch. Some nights he may look more like a punk, others more like a biker.
His tattoos on full display almost always. Out of all of them a laughing skull with a skeletal hand holding a heart is the most distinguished and this tattoo connects his tattoo sleeves together by the chest. His Tattoo sleeves are fully colored. and made up entirely of flowers: their stems and the occasional vine. the flowers range from blue and red roses to Lilacs, Dahlia's even Orchids and several more. He is not averse to more formal wear either if its called for and sometimes even prefers the civility, and can easily hide away his tattoos sleeves with actual sleeves.
Year of Birth: 1981
Year of Embrace: 2005
Concept: Born in New York City to parents both parents in emergency services. His Mother an EMT and his Father a Police Officer. It almost goes without saying he had an idea of becoming a servicemen himself. He enrolled into EMT training courses when he started college. Doing odd jobs and bouncing on to a part time job to pay for it all.

Isaac met his girlfriend and future Sire during that time, Jennifer. Vampires were cool with him and he always felt safe around her. Their relationship was close, Sex became more of a bonus to him as their relationship progressed. it was the blood giving that was the real excitement to him. On the night he graduated in 2005 however: she did not stop drinking even as his heart stopped beating.

It was the beginning of the slow death of their relationship. When he woke up and she explained herself Isaac went into a fury, he didn’t consent to that, and she certainly didn’t ask him. What was more he felt like she just stole everything from him; And she did.

Their romance was over, but they stuck together; at least as Sire and Childe. He managed to land a sweet gig as a night shift EMT. In his spare time he would browse the internet looking for more information on vampirism, the history and lore behind it. it became a fascination to him. Society was another matter however.

He despised how he was regarded in society merely for being what he didn’t choose to be. But he ultimately did kind of enjoy being a vampire. Immortality and super powers are amazing perks. He started a forum for debates and discussions with the sole purpose of advocating vampire rights and giving vampires a means of communication, but the forum never really got off the ground. quite laughably; it died within a month.

Isaac’s Sire and Childe relationship with Jennifer finally came to an end. After a decade. Isaac just wanted out of NYC, he wanted a fresh start, he wanted one for a long time. There were decent job opportunities in Georgia even for his condition.

That far south no one was going to know him there, and it didn’t sound so bad there. He had it all planned. A new state and a new city. New people and opportunities. He just had to pull the trigger on his plans, and he did first opportunity he got. His goodbyes to his Sire, even after everything; bittersweet.
Disciplines: Celerity: 1 Potence: 1 Presence: 2 Awe, Dread Gaze