Samara Rosetti
Player: stalinator
Species: Vampire
Bloodline: Daughters of Cacophony
Pronouns: She
Plotter: Plotter
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First Impression: A woman of great beauty and talent and quite well aware of those facts, she carries herself with confidence and a flirty and playful mannerism, however she some times comes across as patronizing, arrogant and self-centered.
Year of Birth: 1992
Year of Embrace: 2011
Concept: Having quit school in her early 16s, Samara Rosseti dedicated herself to try to become popular and make a living by posting her music videos on the internet and taking gigs. Over the ccourse of 3 years she managed to gather a decent following to keep a steady income with Patreon, Youtube, Kickstarterand etc, among those that had taken a liking to her music was Camille Roche, a Daughter and her future sire. Camille started messaging her and they started dating, she did not hid her nature from Samara and Samara, rather than being repulsed, found herself attracted to it. One night, after they had sex, Samara offered herself to be bitten by Camille, that was common in their relaionship, she knew her lover condition did not allowed her to enjoy sex like the living did and she wanted her to also have fun and enjoy their night together. Camille took the offer an bit into Samara like she had already done many times already but this time it was different, she did not stopped when she was full, she kept on unil Samara heart had stopped, until she was sucking on a dry artery and then she brought her lover back with her blood. When Samara asked why she did that all that Camille would do was shrug and say "The Fugue wanted to be heard by you.". At first Samara sought to spurn Camille for the embrace but truth is that she was not angry, not really, ever since they began their relationship she was kinda hoping for this to happen, she desire immortality and she envyed Camille. She sought to make amends to Camille and has since her embrace mostly returned to everyday routine, she did not hid her condition from her friends, fans and family and, while that did pushed some people away from her, it has also allowed her to use her disciplines to enhance her songs and her shows.
Disciplines: Melpominee 3 Presence 1