Species: Vampire
Bloodline: Kiasyd
Pronouns: He/His
Characters: Viviane
How to contact me: PM or Discord

First Impression: With a face so pale and eyes so dark, it's easy to see she's not human. She always carry her laptop and books in her bag and her curiosity makes her very observant. Those who don't like spies or snoops hate her.
Year of Birth: 2001
Year of Embrace: 2017
Concept: I was a student at the local university, studying fringe science and, in a way, some occultism. My curiosity got the better of me and I sought more knowledge than I should. I attracted the attention of my Sire. At first, he wanted to learn what he could from me, use me like an information gatherer. But the more I tried to learn, the more he said I wouldn't understand what it was to be an immortal vampire. I let him suck my blood, but he wouldn't accept me doing more experiments to learn about his condition. I was easygoing and kind of immature, so I played with him as if he was my big brother, until I went too far. I didn't understand their Beast, but as I played my last living pranks on him I understood. He didn't want to kill me, that's what he said as I awakened with his blood in my mouth. He wouldn't look at me, he said he needed time alone and didn't want to see me back. I think he was ashamed because he didn't resist his Beast...and now I'm trapped in this sunless curse with a beast of my own. I like to learn about history, legends, lore, rumors. I also like social places, reading is interresting, but sometimes memory is all that remain.
Disciplines: Auspex: 1 Dominate: 0 Mytherceria: 3

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