Kris Williams
Player: Scauthra
Species: Vampire
Bloodline: Toreador
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First Impression: Shaggy black hair enveloped this mans cute face. With wild locks jutting every which way, he initially came off messy. However, he cleaned up well and could put on quite the facade of the charming gentleman. However, his soft features and a lithe frame has caused accusations in the past of him being female. Something he had grown accustomed to due to his sire.

Beneath his thick bangs were blue eyes, a tiny nose, at chins and a button chin. His jawline was sharp and frail. No stubble to speak of. Voice soft and smooth like a low key lounge singer.

As mentioned his frame was thin. Not quite boney and most of the muscle was faintly noticeable. He had a few scars from different escapades as a kid. A dent in his knee from falling on a rock. A long cut up along the back of his right leg from a fall during a camping trip.

When it came to fashion, Kris liked fo dress on the occasion. Semi-casual attires, graphic tees, and the occasional feminine apparel for when the mood is right. Whatever suited his needs or curiosities, he used and explored. Especially now in such an understanding age.

Year of Birth: 1988
Year of Embrace: 2012
Concept: Born to a special needs nurse and hotel engineer, Kris had a steady childhood growing up in Pittsburgh, PA. Often pushed to excel in mechanical work, Kris had a knack for figuring out how things worked. Pushing into his teenage years he took more towards software and design than physical labor. Becoming a presence online, joining forums and starting his own lackluster youtube channel in 2009. It did not kick off until 2012, after his embrace.

After the world was shocked by the revelations of spooky vampires in the night, other superstitions were more prominent. On December 21st, 2012, Sarah believed they all were to die that night. Under her charm, Kris too believed it was their last night on Earth. They spent the cold night together next to each other on an observation deck, watching the sky. As their imaginations ran wild and their impending doom drew closer, Kris' life sank from his body. Leaving him the only victim the Mayan calendar would claim that night.

When Sarah realized there was no end as the clock struck midnight, she panicked, quickly using the little time she had to bring her beloved back, giving him the gift of everlasting life, with her.

Their love would become strained over the years, however. As Kris started to figure out who he was as a vampire and Sarah wanted to try new things, they butted heads on interests quite often. It broke both their hearts when they reached a boiling point where they parted down separate paths in unlife.

They broke up in 2016. During and since that time Kris has been using his nights to create his own idea of fame. Taking on the new form of celebrity worship, he focused on being a content creator. With vampires ever exposed to the world, he drew in views with his tails of the night, encounters with other bloodsuckers and wild lore he had heard; rather it was true or completely fabricated for clicks. Even under an online handle, it gained him few allies online in terms of kindred, some in the area know who he was. His projects, however, paid the bills and it sated his desire to be somebody bigger then he'd ever was in true life.

Recently, he has had a mysterious admirer on social media. Always signing their posts with ~S~. Believing these cryptic and affectionate messages are from Sarah, Kris felt nostalgia and loneliness without her. When one of the messages left was said to meet the mysterious ~S~ at their home, Kris only believed it meant Atlanta, where Sarah resided during her own warmer years on this planet.

Rather the online persona was really Sarah or some elaborate troll, Kris still took it upon himself to move to Atlanta. A new city meant new ideas and a fresh perspective. He could work on new projects and reestablish himself with the local scene who may not be aware of his online footprint. With the rich history and mystique of Atlanta, he was sure his next project would be worthy of national attention and when it reached the peak of popularity, he would reveal himself as the content creator. For now, he would hide behind his multiple accounts, leaving the general public who did view his material in awe if what he posted was fun fan fiction or real truth.

Until then, he was gonna settle on down. Down in Atlanta, Georgia.
Disciplines: Heightened Senses, Aura Perception, Awe, Celerity 1