Player: Willowleafs
Species: Vampire
Bloodline: Nosferatu
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Plotter: Plotter
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First Impression:
Mud, born as Neil Johnson, is a squat, horribly deformed being. Though were he to stand up tall and proud, he'd be a respectable 6'2"(app. 1.88m) tall. He has an elongated face and head, a mouth filled with a double row of needle-like teeth, big round iris-less eyes that are completely black, and a slick, black, damp skin that feels slightly oily to the touch (he oils it to enhance the shine, actually). He has long spindly arms and equally shaped fingers that are topped off with long claw-like fingernails. Despite his lanky figure, "Mud" is rather durable and strong, though.

He usually dresses in loose-fitting streetwear: sweatpants, sneakers, hoodies. He either can't be arsed to cover up his appearance, or he actually can't.... All his clothing is either in light colors contrasting his black looks, or in dark ones to assist with skulking in the night-time shadows.
Year of Birth: 1990
Year of Embrace: 2012
Neil always had been interested in tech and computers. He grew up in a middle class family. Mom, dad, older sister and a dog. Pretty average, as was most of his youth. He was a smart kid but never really considered a "nerd" by his peers. He played rough with his friends, and did just enough in class to keep his grades slightly above average. He DID have a slight problem with authority, though. Unless said authority was his parents. He'd always listened to them.

Being the smart kid that he was, once he had gotten access to computers through school, he started teaching himself beyond what their teachers wanted to teach them. 'Cause they were obviously groomed for dull office work. As were most people back then. Silly adults....

Neil quickly learned that he shouldn't be caught doing stuff like altering grades for buddies, or messing with teaching rosters. It took him only a handful of times of getting caught doing silly things to learn how to better cover his tracks, and by the time he was through high school, and ready for college he had gotten quite apt at doing so.

Neil had opted for Georgia Tech's College of Computing as his road to a career. He figured he'd be better off with a degree than with a resume that only had illegal hacks on it.
Again, he did well, but this time around, Neil didn't have to hold back. He was among somewhat like-minded people, so being good at his studies was suddenly a lot less problematic. He managed to get almost four years of education in, but before he could properly graduate and achieve his bachelors, he gone and did something that would pretty much change his life.

It was December 2012. The "Mayan End of the World" hype was booming all over the internet as well as in the mainstream media. And Neil was digging in some dark corners of the internet, trying to dig up some "lost info" on yet another theory to float around on some forums, trying to get a rise out of some staunch non-believers.
Now, he had been just about old enough to know what had happened in the summer of '99. He hadn't truly grasped the details, but what had followed it was at least known to him. He did not, however, had any knowledge on the terminology the vampires used to have for the event.... Gehenna.
All Neil knew about that, was the biblical references, and the fact it used to be a garbage-burning 'pit' near Jeruzalem. So when he found site that had really old encryption (old in internet terms, really...) and mentions of "Gehenna", the end of times, and something called 'shrecknet' or something, he wanted, NEEDED, to get in deeper. And so he started chipping away at the encryption.

But it was a lot less old, and very much kept up-to-date. It was actually a pretty tough nut to crack. It had taken him the better part of three weeks of constant computing, and all the time he could spare on doing stuff himself, to even get past the first layer. It was filled to the brim with familiar words, with apparently strange meanings. "Domain", "Sire", "Caine", "Clan".... "Nosferatu".
Now, the last one did mean something to Neil. He'd seen the old movie several times, and though he had maybe stumbled on a fanfic site or something, lost to time. but that night, his live would change....

He had actually stumbles upon a legacy of sorts. A remnant of a once proud group, Clan, of vampires, now kept almost as a relic of a time long gone. And he had raised the ire of it's custodian. An ornery fellow that listened to the name "Rotface". And that night, this vampire decided to take matters into his own hands, to assure the secret of Schrecknet would remain a secret. Initially, he had taken up the plan to just torch the whole dorm room and be done with it, taking out the hacker and his gear and stored info in one fell swoop. But once he had taken stock of who he was dealing with, "Rotface" was slightly impressed with the meager resources that had managed to penetrate the security that years and years of dedicated Nosferatu meddling had wrought. And he decided to not let that skill go to waste. Granted, he could not let the kid life, either.... So, he did the only other "logical" thing that came to him: Embrace. He did make it look like Neil had perished in a freak fire that completely wasted his dorm room, gear and body whole.

When Neil woke up for the first time again, it was to the agonizing pains of a warping, changing body. It was painful beyond compare, worse than anything he could imagine. And all he saw was a horrendously hideous face grinning at him constantly. Now, "Rotface"wasn't really enjoying the sight. He just had a perpetual grin on it. After what felt like an eternity (it actually was "only" two hours) of pain, twisting and stretching limbs, popping and re-growing bones and what not, "Mud" was born. Well, at that point, he was still Neil, he took the name much later in a jest.

He got a rather quick and ... dirty introduction to his new life. How he was now a vampire, that his human life had literally perished in flames and that he was basically an undead non-person now. Oh, and he was hideously deformed, too. The normality in the explanation got to him the most. It felt callous, mean, spiteful. And then he learned of the "why". His own damn smarts and curiosity. The site he had found. It had not been 'just a site'. It was a portal to a vast and almost separate internet that lurked just below the "real" 'Net. Just as it's makers and caretakers had lived, and still did to an extent, under the 'real' world.

Neil was taught how to navigate the network, decrepit though it was with only a handful of them across the globe to keep it up-to-date. He was told to learn what he needed from it, and that if he needed things in the real world to just figure it out. If he couldn't do that, he'd be unfit to live long anyway, so he was just thrown off the deep end and told to swim or sink. Neil, smart as he still was beneath the cripplingly horrible shell, swam, and he swam well. He managed to set up some cash flow (illegally), skimming off the top of online banking. He also set up a blog, titled "My name is Mud", after a song he liked. This was how he ended up actually becoming Mud. And he learned. Of the past, of the things lost to "The End of Times" (both for good and for bad), and of how to keep on surviving in these uncertain nights.
Obfuscate 2 (Cloak of Shadows, Unseen Presence)
Potence 2