Player: Kresyda
Species: Vampire
Bloodline: Kiasyd
Pronouns: he/him/his
Plotter: Svali's plotter
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First Impression: Svali's body is slender and tall, and seems strangely delicate. Straight, silvery blond hair, which matches the as pale as the full moon skin, frames the effeminate face. His eyes regard the world with attentiveness, but on the other hand – the vampire appears distant, though he usually acts in a polite and amicable way. He dresses in modern, fashionable clothes. An eerie vibe of something otherworldly but frail surrounds him. Additionally, the air in his immediate presence usually feels a few degrees colder.

Year of Birth: 1992

Year of Embrace: 2014

Concept: Svali was born as Jónsi Leifsson in 1992 in Akranes (Iceland). At school he used to be regarded as the weirdo type, although still pretty likeable. He has always displayed a great affinity for things uncanny and mysterious, as well as puzzles and riddles. Some would say the boy was simply overimaginative. Well, maybe that was the case. Or maybe not.

He does not remember much of the Week of Nightmares. Iceland wasn't particularly impacted by the events due to its almost nonexistent population of vampires -- and seriously, you wouldn't expect a seven-year-old to understand such happenings. He recalls vaguely sneaking out of home late in the night to watch the Red Star with other children, but that pretty much sums it up. He heard about vampires, sure -- but never met any. In truth, he was much more preoccupied with other beings: the huldufólk.

The term 'huldufólk' is what Icelanders call their faeries: elves, trolls and other beings. Do they believe in them? That's not easily answered. Do they respect them? Oh yes.

In 2011 Jónsi subscribed to the Reykjavik University, choosing the faculty of Religious Studies -- still in pursuit of things otherworldly and mysterious. In his third year Jónsi went on a trip with some friends to one of those scenic and desolate places Iceland is so full of. They had a blast: they may had drunk a little bit too much and they may had wandered a little bit too far away from the cars. The weather changed without a warning, as it usually does in Iceland, and suddenly the girls were crying, and the guys were shouting and blaming each other, and the trip wasn't so enjoyable anymore.

It started raining with half-frozen droplets and then the air became misty and chilly. It was already after dusk. One of the girls unexpectedly gave a high-pitched shrill and then she pointed into the fog: 'There! Someone is there!'. At the same moment one of the guys found the cars and everyone hurried after him -- the wind was blowing in ever stronger gusts -- but Jónsi hesitated. 'Wait for me!' he shouted, 'I'll be back shortly!' He waded through the mist, stumbling and slipping on the rocky ground.

And there she was: a cruel looking lady, her skin the color of permafrost. She made Jónsi follow her -- and at the very moment he knew he was being abducted like the changelings in the tales of old. She introduced herself as Jökull and told Jónsi he was now going to become her servant and companion. She gave him a kiss and then -- he can't remember well, everything went so blurry -- she made him taste her blood. She also gave him a new name: Svali.

Since that evening they both roamed Iceland, enjoying long winter nights and despising long summer days. They would play tricks on people, steal their blood, sometimes even attend parties. Jökull never so much as mentioned words like 'vampire', 'Kindred', 'Lasombra' or 'Kiasyd'. Svali assumed she is of the huldufólk -- and that he has become one, too. He fancied himself an elf, a fae, and she never denied. Did she mislead him on purpose? Or did she herself have little knowledge about their condition?

In 2016 Svali and Jökull travelled to continental Europe. Yes, they have heard about vampires and even seen some, but they paid them no attention. After all, these weren't their kin, were they?

One night the two got ambushed by a drunken bunch calling themselves 'the acolytes of light' and yelling about 'filthy vampiric hellspawn.' Jökull met her Final Death at the hands of the angry mob, but Svali managed to flee. Shaken, he returned to Reykjavik.

What was it about? Slowly, he started to connect the facts: the attack, the merry blood drinking, the Week of Nightmares and the global fuss about 'vampiric rights.' He did some research. He even managed to track down two vampires in Reykjavik, but these were reclusive and refused to provide any enlightenment. He only learnt that introducing himself as an elf earns nothing but ridicule.

In 2018 Svali came across some information about so called Church of Life in Atlanta. There was a photo attached: one of the faces looked familiar. Too familiar. Svali had the happenings of 2016 etched deeply in his mind. Yes, that was without a doubt one of Jökull's tormentors.

He found himself at a loss. Did he love Jökull? He couldn't say. Did he want revenge? He wasn't sure. Most of all he wanted answers. He wanted to solve the riddle of his new existence -- even though he couldn't even fully articulate the question yet.

And so Svali booked a flight to USA and travelled to Atlanta. It was time to meet other elves -- er, vampires. Even though he still didn't believe he had much in common with them.

OOC NOTE: While Svali bears unmistakable traits of a Kiasyd, he has never heard the term. Indeed, he doesn't even know what a clan or a bloodline is, and he barely recognizes himself as a vampire. But if someone more familiar with the subject saw him, they might enlighten him.

In Icelandic, 'Jökull' stands for 'glacier', while 'svali' means 'coolness.'

Dominate 1 (Command)
Mytherceria 3 (Folderol, Darkling Trickery, Faerie Wards)