David Collins
Player: Willowleafs
Species: Vampire
Bloodline: Salubri
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Plotter: Plotter
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First Impression:
Dark, curly hair. Piercing grey eyes. Average build. On first glance, David isn't all that special. He wasn't in life, and he still doesn't feel like he is today.

When he is not working, David can usually be seen in his leather jacket, worn over jeans and sturdy boots, and if he's out on his vintage bike he'll wear a stylish silver pot helmet. When he's working, well, he's pretty much forced to wear what all the nurses wear. And it's achingly white.

Oh, and when he's doing vampire-y things, this eye on his forehead opens up like he's a cool oriental mystic or something.

Year of Birth: 1979
Year of Embrace: 2004
David is a nurse at Piedmont Hospital, situated in the Buckhead area. Not that he lives nearby, mind you. No, that's not really an option on his salary. And even if it was, he'd feel out of place there. No, David resided in Lil' Five Points, commuting to work over roads that were decidedly less crowded than in his living days.

David was born to a relatively rich family, being the third (and last) kid and second son. His sister's the oldest of the three. He grew up in luxury in Buckhead, and it was planned that he would wind up in a prestigious job. But David didn't. Oh, he ended up in the "right" hospital, for sure. But in the 'wrong' profession. It took his mom's intervention to get his dad not to cut David off.

David's embrace came courtesy of an accident, in which he had to swerve to evade an elderly man. Who his saviour was, and what had really happened, David isn't sure about. What he does know, is that he won't be getting more of a tan any more, but on the flipside, the one he had never faded.... So that balanced out. He deduced he was a vampire rather quickly. He had to find out the hard way, though, that whatever kind of vampire he was, he had to actually ask, AND get, permission to feed. Which he thought was both neat, and odd. He'd never heard that before.

David works on a special schedule at the hospital, obviously only the night shifts, and he can afford to not have to come in all nights. Though he tries to make it a habit to do at least 4 nights a week. He even has converted a body cooler at the morgue in the basement into a makeshift crash room in case he has to stay longer than his travel time and the sunrise allow.

Auspex 1 (Heightened Senses)
Obeah 2 (Sense Vitality, Anesthetic Touch)
Presence 1 (Awe)