Anna Birch
Species: Vampire
Bloodline: Brujah
Pronouns: She/Her
Plotter: Plotter
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First Impression: Anna stands at 5'4, with a lithe, boyish figure. On an average night, her face is heavily made-up, to avoid the demeaning descriptor of "cute". Sometimes she crops her hair even shorter, sometimes she shaves some variation of a mohawk; all changes that are, of course, reverted to normal the following night. She favors bright colors, clothing that shows a large part of her tattooed skin. Having an attitude comes with her blood, and with her stage persona as well.
Year of Birth: 1990
Year of Embrace: 2012
Concept: Born in a small town in Georgia, whose name is better off forgotten, she grew up with a vague idea of being either an artist, or just misunderstood. She moved to Atlanta to study at the Art Institute (her main focus was on film making at that point) and, not unlike many students, she worked all sorts of odd jobs. Which included selling her blood on occasion; in her circle, it was the rule rather than the exception. She found out she enjoyed it more than it was convenient, however, especially if the vampire involved was some badass-looking lady. She assumed she was strong, healthy. She could survive some more blood loss.

She had lied. Said she hadn't been fed upon since long. When she woke up, her sire was furious. She accused Anna of being a trap, of having extorted a mercy embrace. She did not want a Childe, she did not want the legal shitstorm, and even less to take care of her. She left in a rush, lest she killed Anna once again, and never showed up again.

All she had got fell apart. Her roommates kicked her out, she had no money to speak of. When her parents got the news, they hung up the phone (much later, she would have learnt they held a funeral for her, that back home there was a grave with her name).

She ended up dwelling in an abandoned building by day, by night selling her body for nothing but some sip of blood. They told her to keep still, to pretend she was actually dead.

She shared her place with other desperate vampires. Suspicious of each other as they were, still they had no-one else they could talk to. The Pit was conceived one of those nights. Something between a wrestling club and an old-fashioned freak show. It's not that they realized it had potential - they all thought the idea was quite idiotic, actually. They had nothing to lose, however, so they gave it a try.

It started with performances in squalid streets, dilapidated places. Everybody knows how it ended: the Pit is now a popular entertainment venue, although more notorious than famous. Anna won't admit she likes it, but she does.
Disciplines: Potence 3, Presence 1 (Awe)