Xiao Gao
Player: RandomHumanD
Species: Vampire
Bloodline: Brujah
Pronouns: He/Him (Most of the time)
Plotter: Plotter
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First Impression: Gao's appearance is usually heavily at odds with popular perception of his declared identity. He is not and does not attempt to present himself as physically male, nor is he remotely Chinese. His body language is socially aggressive and intensely sexual (which doesn't help to clarify any gender confusion on the part of others), often intruding on people's personal space and his mannerisms move quickly between masculine and feminine when he becomes excited about something. He almost always makes eye contact. He possesses an intense personal magnetism, constantly putting himself into situations at maximum volume.
Year of Birth: 1981
Year of Embrace: 1998
Concept: Gao was born in the Children's Hospital of San Fransisco under the name Jane Yoritaka. Born to second generation immigrants, Gao actually has very little connection or interest in genuine Japanese identity. He spent his childhood years growing up with only a vague sense of confusion about the way other people viewed him or expected him to behave. During his elementary school years he would try to play just as rough and tumble as the boys he was friends with, retreating to girlish things just as quickly when the dust of rough play had settled.

Gao's parents were not particularly concerned about this behavior in their child while he was young. Beginning in his preteen years, they showed a more active effort to align his behavior with his physical sex. Gao rebelled somewhat against this at first, but eventually relented to his parents' wishes, albeit begrudgingly.

High School and his teenage years were a philosophically bizarre and generally annoying and confusing time for Gao. Internally, his desires were sexually indiscriminate and his attachments fickle and shallow. His lack of interest in anything resembling traditional relationships or the general black and white view of sexuality that teenagers possess made it frustratingly difficult to act on any of those urges, instead leaving him somewhat marginalized.

This lead Gao to act out in his late teens, adopting deliberately masculine and aggressive behaviors, which lead to him being labeled as a lesbian. Which only pissed him off more. He began cutting class to avoid people who made fun of him, and hanging with delinquents, though this didn't last long, as Gao's parents made the decision to send him to live with relatives on the other side of the country.

Gao was seventeen when he moved to Atlanta, and very quickly discovered that this was not a safe place for him to express his differences. A few scuffles and one serious fight made it very clear that his only option was to keep his head down and play the part his body portrayed to others. Like anyone in their late teens keeping the lid on a bunch of anger, Gao fell in with malcontents yet again. Drinking and late night drives were the order of the day, until a very poorly thought out Sabbat assault.

There was nothing special that lead to Gao's embrace. No hint of potential that drew the eye of a carefully watching sire. He was just out at night when the Sabbat needed bodies. He doesn't remember the early nights clearly. A lifetime of suppressed rebellion came out in the three nights the attack lasted. His next clear memory was awakening in the night, hiding under his own bed, wrapped in thick blankets to keep the sun away. By then, all the Sabbat who had actually managed to direct themselves to the attack were dead or fled. Like a curious, resentful animal, his beast had refused command, fleeing to stalk, feed and then return to its lair. He had been saved from death by his beast's simple recalcitrance.

Gao spent his early nights raging to himself about his sire, about this new hunger and these new weaknesses. There was new hunger, new passion, new needs swimming in his head. He would spend hours looking at the small, slight form in the mirror, inspecting its curves and lines. Wondering. Pondering. It had its advantages. Feeding via seduction was easy enough, even if sex wasn't quite as fun as it should have been. Gao had little time to become worried about the presence of other vampires. By the time they came looking for him, all hell had already broken loose.

Gao's only experience with other vampires in any reasonable numbers is banding together to survive Gehenna. Most of them died anyways. Gao went back to concealing his true nature and desires. Business as usual. Except that while he had found it irritating and disappointing before, now it filled him with shame and anger.

Then, suddenly, vampires were out. Vampires were here. They were at least people. It was like a thousand weights had disappeared at once. Gao didn't have to be Jane anymore. Gao could be whatever he wanted, and so it was. Gao hasn't looked back since. He's got a blog, he helps activists for all sorts of identity politics organize on the internet or in nearby locales. Even more than ever, marginalized people need help. They need to be protected until they can protect themselves. Gao's passion is self-expression, reinvention, and the disruption of systems of oppression. Most of his feeding is sexual, though he's not particularly good at not being predatory to some degree.

OOC Note version: Gao is female-bodied, Aromantic, Pansexual, and Genderfluid as all hell. Everything about how he presents is meant to transgress against "normal", "unthinking" people's understandings and comfort. He's intense, confrontational and likes to put his hands on people. He uses a name from a different culture to purposefully confuse others and because it can be misread in gender-conflicting fashions (and he kind of like belittling people who don't get the difference between the two languages and cultures, though he doesn't admit it). He settled on male pronouns precisely because of the amount of attention it draws to his non-binary state. If someone who interests him enough treats him in a feminine manner, about half the time he'll be very feminine for them, going so far as to respond to feminine pronouns, though he often makes it clear he's just doing it for them.

Gao knows basically nothing about vampires. He doesn't know the clans, bloodlines, disciplines or anything like that by name. He knows the Sabbat and the Camarilla in the most basic of senses, and would have perhaps made a good Anarch or Sabbat member in earlier years.

Gao is still very attached to humans. He wants to protect the marginalized among them however it needs to be done. He also wants to bust the skulls of certain classes of oppressors like grapefruits, though he doesn't, because, you know, consequences.
Disciplines: Presence 1, Celerity 1, Potence 2