You all meet in a warehouse...
You could say many nice things about Lilah, but surely not that she was organized. Or focused. Or, you know, someone you should promise a ride when you want to be on time for a meeting. She was there, though, and having a friendly face nearby was better than being early, especially at a weridass "meeting" like that.

She parked in a random spot, made sure that her spaced-out companion got out of the car as well. Now, asking her if she'd just drunk some junkie was kind of rude, wasn't it? "This should be the place... I think? Well, either that or another vampiric event I didn't know about". She waved, recognizing a few people in the small crowd. Something was going on, though, the meeting must have been starting. Well, later there would be time for the meets and greets. If that was not a lethal trap, of course.

A glance inside. The meeting hall was as sad as you could get. It screamed boring business. The other room, though - wait, was that a BDSM event of sorts? Because that was the feel, and while not a horrible plan in itself, it should have come with a different type of advertising. The future of vampiredom my ass?
Mud shrugged at all the attention, and the remarks. When asked his name, he politely answers: My name is Mud, and I received this annoyingly anonymous and nigh-untraceable email about it. The wording caught my attention, and I'm hoping, likely in vain, to meet some vamps from across the world, what with this concerning the future of ALL Vampire-kind The sarcasm in the last part was so thick it should have carried a warning for being acerbic.

When the door opened, and they were welcomed in, Mud just shrugged and let the others speak. He followed Gao and touchy-feely Samara in, thereby missing the arrival of the bicycle girl, and the blue-skinned one. Mud just muttered under his breath that he didn't like going into anything blind and clueless, but in he went nonetheless.

Inside he noticed a sharp-dressed man, and all he though was how much that suit stood out between the people he'd already seen outside. It made him chuckle to himself. He might be louder than he wanted, most likely making it audible to the people around him.
David really didn't get most of the conversations going on, and he wasn't really trying to either. He was still looking around to see if he could spot a familiar face. He was sure he'd seen two people there, but neither of them in real life. On the internet, yeah. Things he'd skimmed, as he wasn't one to spend a lot of time cooped up in his little apartment.

Just then, two arrivals drew his attention: a talkative, personable young lady that apparently had closed up shop somewhere, and out in the distance he noticed Viviane arriving, too. He gentlemanly answered Jen's introduction with a dry: Hi Jen, I'm David. If you'd excuse me, I have someone else to greet, too. Nice meeting you, before he walked towards Viviane. Hey there, Viviane. Did you walk here? I could have picked you up easily, you know? You're right on time, though. They just opened he place up for us. He offered her his arm, like he had been taught to do, and with a smile said: May I escort you, fair lady?
Lilah had a tough time concentrating on the rest of the world tonight. She had risen with a REALLY annoying song on her internal 'jukebox', and try what she wanted, she couldn't get it changed. She wondered if it was a sign, or just was going to be one of THOSE nights again. But the song, or rather string of particularly upbeat Bossa Nova songs from the sound of it, would not let off. And it had almost made her forget about the meeting. That is, until Monica came by to pick her up. She had most of her make-up and dressing done, but chaotic as she was, she had to get all her stuff together and it had taken her way too long to get into the car, as the changes in the songs had gotten her distracted at all the wrong times, and some were so nice she couldn't help but huim along to them, zoning out on occasion.

Truth be told, had she been aware, Lilah would most likely nominate Monica for being the most patient person she knew at the moment. Once they had exited the car, Lilah tried to focus, but then ANOTHER change caught her off-guard, and she started humming again, and swaying to the music a little. Must be it. Navigation said 't was here, after all. Lilah tried to follow Monica as good as her distractions let her. She smiled at people, greeted the ones that greeted her, and just walked on in. The first room, it made the music VERY fitting. Almost like elevator music. The second one, it felt odd with her songs-of-the-night. VERY odd.... Whoaw. Shocker! These don't go together, Monica. Not at all.... She tended to forget only she heard this music, especially on nights where it was so pushy with her....
When Viviane spotted David, her nervousness quickly decreased. At first, she feared he would pretend to have never met her, as her family do since she died. But then, she visibly relaxed and smiled when he acted like an old fashionned gentleman. She bowed and took his arm, as if she was a Victorian lady.
Thank you!
She felt a little nervous, being so close to many unknown vampires, but most seemed to smile and no one acted like a towering Dracula. That's when she spotted Mud.
Poor guy! She regretted her complaints, at least, she was just an alien freak. She even drank a geek sometimes who love her pointy ears and call her 'his elf'. She felt pity for the guy, but even if she tried, she couldn't resist the urge to stare.
She walks inside at the invitation of the green haired woman and finds herself surprised at the sight of the humans and how they are dressed, she imagines they are the refreshments that the woman was talking about, she expected bottled blood but is glad to see that she was wrong.

She smiles to the humans but decides to first head over to the man, she is not that hungry yet and it would not be very nice of her to start drinking before the party began. Once she is in front of the man she extends her hand "Hi, i am Samara, are you also one of the people invited to this meeting?"
Maxwell stood in the back of the room casually observing the others as they mingled amongst themselves. He patiently waited for events to unfold. His thoughts were interrupted by a beep in his ear. He clicked the earpiece and listened for a moment to the man on the other side. ” Keep me updated if anything changes Archibald.” To Maxwell nothing was better to him than a smooth operation. Even the best of plans never survived the first encounter, fortunately contingencies and experience win the day. His eyes were drawn to the person approaching him.  
“A pleasure to make your acquaintance Samara , I am Maxwell. But to answer your question, in a matter of speaking yes. ”

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