Making the rounds, checking the neighborhood. [OPEN]
At the mention of “cool powers”, Svali rolled his eyes, but not without a soft smile lingering about his lips. However, when Viviane explained the details about her embrace, the smile faded and changed into a gentle expression with but a hint of compassion.

“No wonder she's so anxious,” the Kiasyd thought.

“Still, I believe he chose finely, even if inadvertently,” he declared, “or was pushed by circumstances. But what do you mean by ‘make do with much less’? Human life was good, and some of its qualities might be missed, but surely you can see rich new possibilities ahead of you? Wide new vistas otherwise unavailable?” There was some hesitancy in his tone, as if he had already learnt these new vampires had tendency for pessimism.

When David spoke, Svali regarded him with new interest. “I might have underestimated this one,” he thought. Out loud he said:

“Regarding what I have just learnt from you, I think I understand a bit better now why Jökull insisted to never write this knowledge down. If there are so many people out there who are hateful and dangerous to our kind, then I certainly wouldn’t like to hand them new weapons against us – and yes, misused knowledge can be as deadly as any weapon. But I should not refrain from passing it to others like us, starting with sir David here, if they promise to keep it safe. In time, I might want to enlighten a trustworthy human or two. Maybe even take on a companion of my own?” He mused. “So you, my sweet cousin, need not worry about the knowledge dying out with the two of us,” he smiled again, this time in a more lenient way. “And I am certainly going to try and accumulate more of it. I am sure there are bits and pieces scattered one can uncover and put together.”
Viviane smiled at that: I can only agree with you: sometimes it's a curse, but the ability to create dancing stars and other illusions is very interresting! The fact that I won't grow old and wrinkle is also cool, but the fact that my face will always be very different from almost everyone makes me...exotic, but not in a good way. I mean, most people don't want to see our strange face, they think we are ugly aliens.

At Svali mentions about possibilities, she seemed sad and answered: You know, I was studying fringe science, occultism and Vampires before becoming one. The things I learned thus far, my Sire could have taught me them. Becoming one opened no doors for me, yet. Maybe, one day it will, but for now it closed all of them for me. I can't continue my studies, I can't go to the university, I can't find a husband, have kids, I can't see my family anymore...

I really hope you are right, but for now it feels like I traded most of my future to be able to create beautiful illusions.
David listened to the two others, and looked at his watch. It was almost that time, and with a soft smile he looked at Svali: Svali, dear guest. I'd like to say only one more thing, for now. Never forget the 'why' of rules. Why are they in place, and why are they as they are? He nodded at a small deli ascross the street from where they were seated. See that man closing shop? That man lost almost everything. Some things to chance, others to rules. He almost had lost his life to the latter. Was hospitalized with a severe pneumonia. Had no insurance, no family, no friends able, or willing, to pay for his treatment. The rules on that state that he would have died due to not being able to get treatment. David sighed. But someone apparently didn't follow the rules, for as you can see, the man still lives. Rules were broken, or bend. The rules in this case are there to guarantee the hospital staff an income. And the hospital did get compensated for their time, effort and expenses. Just not by him.

David turned back to the other two, as the man strolled away from the shop. Whn he woke up, he was confused by the whole deal. After he had recovered he found a business card for that deli in his pocket, with a name, a date and a time for an interview. Since then, he has kept that job. One rebel in action pretty much changed the man's life for the better.

With a shrug, David looked up. I'm not going to promote a lawlessness, or a total ignoring of all the rules. That's just too much. All I'm saying is, keep in mind what a rule is there for. But also alwayskeep in mind the spirit of the rules, or laws. For that part is too often forgotten in favor of "it's the rules, deal with it"....

As for information on our condition? Like I said, I'm of little help. The flashiest thing I do, is my third eye. I do not fly, I do not cast fireballs and I suck at hypnosis. Nor can I turn into a pack of bats or rats.... I just enhance my senses, and can help others deal with pain and illnesses.

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