Making the rounds, checking the neighborhood. [OPEN]
Svali wondered whether he should be annoyed. The couple didn’t seem particularly bewildered with his little spectacle. You shouldn’t cast pearls before mortals…

…or, it occurred to him, maybe they weren’t actually mortals?

He heard the female voice talking about recording the ‘stars.’ My sincerest apologies, kind lady, he mused, but these aren’t real, they’re merely a clever illusion, smoke and mirror – but aren’t they lovable! You’re going to be disappointed when you watch the recording, though.

Then came the male’s remark about some D&D stuff. Svali rolled his eyes. Pearls before mortals…

The self proclaimed fae didn’t terminate the magic yet; let the little lights dance. Meanwhile, he finally decided to actually pay attention to the couple’s conversation.
Viviane recorded the dancing stars with her laptop, her bewilderment turning to seriousness.
''So, it may mean one of three things. One: Maybe there is someone using the Mytherceria discipline around here, hiding from us. Two: I'm using it myself just by being happy to speak with another undead. Three: There is another kind of supernatural creature having fun on us.''
She was curious about it, but much more about the undead-healer she have just met. He didn't seem as fascinated, so maybe he's really old or very used to supernatural things.
Staring into his eyes, she spoke with a voice she wanted to sound professional, as if she was the teacher and him the kid: ''Your 'sire' is the one who drained you of all your blood, trandformed it into his undead heart and gave it back to you, resurrecting you into the undead creature you are now. He or she was of a bloodline, each bloodline having three powers we name 'Disciplines'. It baffles me why would anyone give you unlife after your accident, unless he was the one causing it. But I find it cruel from him or her to let you wander around cluelessly without any explanation.

But you seem to have learned how to survive like that and even learned your disciplines. Have you tried biting people instead of drinking
'' Her face turns ugly: What you call 'blood' from a bottle? It's actually more than pleasant. Her eyes turns dreamy at the fond memory. ''I think this is addictive, or it may be only psychologically addictive, but anyway, it's free for us, so...'' she winks, not seductively, more like a child. Then she remembers to stay professional and turns serious again. She still tried to look around with Auspex to spot another Kiasyd or anyone suspicious.

''So, did you get invited to the Vampiric reunion? I don't think it's secret, it didn't say so, I think...Anyway, you are one of us, so why not go? It may be a trap by the Church of Life or some such, but it will be interresting nonetheless to meet others. You may even meet your Sire or someone of your Bloodline!''
David took it all in stride. The lights, the summation by the girl across from him. Until, that was, she mentioned other supernatural creatures. Wait, what? There's OTHER stuff, too? Is it goin'to be like "all the tales are true", or som'thin'? There was a hint of incredibility in his voice, like he didn't want it to be like that, but that he feared it might very well be so. And do all these things have names? I mean, come on. Why name them? They're innate, right? Right? The second "right" had come out almost pleading. All of it was ... almost as overwhelming as waking that first night.

Then, she got to the explaining part. This suited David rather well. Learning things, THAT he liked. A lot. Well, I reckon what with all the laws in place 'round here on makin' new vampires, they didn' want to hang around much and risk bein' arrested and be locked in the prisonyard 'till sun-up. 'Casue I know it wasn't from accidentally drainin' me. He looked at her, as if he didn't fully got what she just said. He wasn't a dumb jock, not by a long shot, but he never 'learned' anything about his gifts, other than what they did. Learned them? I just figured out what they could do, really. Most of 'm were really by chance. It is not a revelation if you're treating a homeless guy they bring in in the middle of the summer, and all of a sudden a small whiff your taking to check if a wound has infected ends up flooring you from a MASSIVE olfactory overload.... Or that you put people to sleep by touch, though that was a nice one to find out. The poor lady hadn't slept for days from pain. Platypus got her good.

Then, she mentioned drinking from humans instead of the bottled stuff. Tried it? Yeah, I did. First week. I ended up puking up each and every drink I had. Not fun. Until I found someone wanting to help me after I talked about it, and they agreed to help me. THAT one rink, it didn't come back up. Tried a few "traditional" ways, they didn't work. Only asking and getting permission seems to work for me. Hence why I keep bottles in my fridge, in case of emergency. He didn't go into the possible addictiveness of that act. It wasn't as if not doing it would be all that healthy either.

On the mention of the 'Meeting', David shrugged: There was a flyer one day on the memo board at the hospital. Mentioned something about vampires, so one of my coworkers handed it to me. They weren't a complete ass about it, either. I've been contemplating on going, but am not quite sure yet.
Svali frowned. ‘Mytherceria’? ‘Discipline’? What are these words supposed to mean?

Well, yes, dear lady, he thought ironically, there is another kind of supernatural, thank you kindly for calling me tha–

Svali straightened up. Ah, so the couple who disturbed his peaceful evening laziness actually are vampires! Poor, unhidden undead creatures he had kept looking for for the last month. And they did deem themselves capable of the same feats he could achieve with faerie magic? Well, isn’t the world full of wonders tonight.

Are vampires far removed from fae? Are they distant cousins?

The pale one listened some more. Shit, he thought in a completely unlordly way, there are too many coincidences. But... why would Jökull lie to him? Was it some kind of a highly intricate prank? Or maybe ‘faes’ and ‘vampires’ were the same creatures all along, the names completely interchangeable, not distant cousins, but brothers and sisters?

Svali shrugged, even though nobody could see him. What’s in a name? A rose by any other word would smell as sweet.

The Kiasyd was just considering whether to reveal his presence or rather leave quietly, when some vampire meeting was mentioned. Excellent! All he has to do now is to follow the two. The more vampires he sees, the better his chance to understand the nature of the problem that is troubling him.

Pleased, he clapped his hands without realizing the sound might draw attention to him.
Like a parent speaking to a child, she tried to calm David's questions: About that, I don't know. I've read quite a few things about ghosts, werewolves, spirits, demons, fae and all that. I think that if we, undead creatures drinking blood and using magic, exist, surely other things could also exist and the rumors could be true. But I need some proof to be sure.

From a scientific viewpoint, one thing is very interresting for me. Why did I get this white-blue skin, black eyes and long pointy ears and you did not? I'm also much taller than I was before I died. It's unfair, but I'm not complaining about that, it's the fact that I became an alien while the other bloodlines are still humans from what I've read on the internet.

You should not try to drink from someone without his permission nayway, it's illegal. Anyway, it's so pleasing, it's easy to find someone who would like to be sucked.

It would be great if you went to the meeting. I don't want to be alone amongst undead I don't know. Some of them may have adapted more than us and act like freaking draculas.

Surprised by the clapping, she looked intently around and got up. Walking around, she tried to see behind the trees and the bushes with her keen senses.
David kept listening to Viviane, and couldn't help but smile a little at her little indignation about her looks being unfair, compared to his human looks. Oh, because it's so much better than using your powers and having a third eye on your forehead opening up.... Not even metaphysical, no, an ACTUAL one. David pointed at a barely noticeable horizontal slit on his forehead, just above his eye line, and perfectly centered between them. Some people do get freaked out by it, by the way. In a sense it's a bigger shock than seeing you. You're change is pretty much openly visible.

Her cautionary warning on the illegality of not asking for permission only got a lazy Uh-huh from him, initially. he followed up with: But if push came to shove, or if your Hunger took over, then all y'all would be in less of a bind than me. I'd try to feed, then ail, then need it even more and so forth and so on. Besides, y'all could sneak a drink in surreptitiously. Not me. But at least she was right on some things. It was pleasurable, and there were indeed people out there seeking it out. At least I can check if taking a drink wouldn't drain a volunteer dry, though. That would suck, if they lied about that to you....

As she mentioned the meeting, and that he should go, if for no other reason than to keep her company, he chuckled: I'd been considering it anyway, but if you are going, I couldn't say no to go there for you. Then, a clap. Or something like that, at least. Who's there? Please come out, there's no need to hide, really. Nobody here's gonna take too much offence with an extra guest.
Svali stiffened, realizing what he’d done, and then he burst into laughter at his own indiscretion. Seemed like he’d just made himself unhidden as well! He waved the dancing stars away so they disappeared into thin air. Well, time to get acquainted! The pale one got to his feet, never bothering to button the shirt – it’s not like he was going to offend anyone’s decency, was it? – and now, as the vampire stood his full height, the slender frame of the delicate body was even more visible, with ribs protruding slightly under the moon-white glowing skin. The Kiasyd walked out of the thicket.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interfere or to frighten anyone. There’s another bench behind the greenery and I was just enjoying a delightful quiet evening, when–,’

He startled, noticing the owner of the female voice for the first time.


Svali gazed with amazement at the endearing pale-blue maiden. She was… she must…

God have mercy, she looked like Jökull.

He blinked.

No, she didn’t. Well, she did, in a way, but only if Jökull was younger and didn’t have that… cruel quality about her. Svali sighed at the realization, not quite sure whether he was relieved or saddened by it. Let the dead, well… stay dead.

Regaining composure, the Kiasyd strode towards his kin, kneeled on one knee, and kissed her hand. Despite vivid emotion, the air around him was still tangibly cooler then elsewhere.

‘It is a real pleasure to make your acquaintance, my lovely lady,’ he said, smiling as he got back up. ‘Allow me to introduce myself: those who know of my existence and nature call me Svali.’
Viviane seemed fascinated by David explanation about his eye. Oh, I would love to see it. Amost getting up, she squinted her eyes trying to see beneath the skin and imagine his third eye. I've read something about opening the third eye like something mortal could do, very spiritual and...I don't remember quite well, sorry. But I think it's a sign of enlightenment.

When he spoke about the drink, she considered it seriously. He had a point.

When the stars disappeared and Viviane saw another freaking alien, her blood stopped moving. She was healf-seated on the bench in an impossible position a living person wouldn't have held for long. Then she got up, undecided if she should hug him like a long lost brother or stay professional.
Hi...It's also a pleasure to meet you my blood brother. I didn't think there was another Kiasyd in Atlanta. My sire didn't speak of you. Was his name?...Hum...sorry, I don't seem to recall his name. I think he Dominated me to forget it when he left me alone.

Anyway, we are probably of the same bloodline, as we have the same curse and probably the same powers. You just have made a superb use of Mytherceria; I never thought I could create more than one thing.

She turned to David. Can he sit with us? I would love to speak to both of you.
Turning again to Svali before David can even answer, she said: My name is Viviane, b the way. I'm a scientist writing on the Vampiric condition. I have posted the basis of my thesis on the internet, have you read it?

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