Hello and welcome!
Hey guys! Just checking in, I'm Squeeji...sort of an old hat when it comes to WoD games, if you've seen the name before, I'm probably -that- Squeeji. But getting my grubby hands on V5 has given me the bug to try playing VtM in some capacity, I'm excited this place is sort of putting the kibosh on things I didn't quite like about kindred. So I'm pretty excited to be here!
Hey guys ! I've found the site (after a little nudge) and finally the time to have a closer look at it. As some might know, my name is not George per se, but I chose it for the benefit of those knowing me from DM.

As hinted I do have a bit of experience with pbp and forums. Once I've gotten a bit acquainted with the general idea of the setting (and thought a few things through) I might come up with a character for this board.
Welcome, guys! And yes, I am back, and the site is alive, and everything's well or almost. Smile

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